Your Dubai Holidays Give You Some Memorable Experiences

From being a small port town port town in the 19th century to becoming a global hub of business and tourism in recent times, the transformation of Dubai would surely amaze you. This charming metropolis in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is now visited by millions of tourists from various corners of the globe. When you begin exploring this majestic city of the UAE, you’ll certainly know the reason for such massive influx of tourists to this part of the world. From the attractive high-rises and shopping malls to beautiful mosques and historical places, you’ll find plenty of things worth exploring in the city.


Summer from April to October is extremely hot and uncomfortable in Dubai and this prevents many of the tourists from visiting the city. You can enjoy cheap Dubai holidays if you’re planning to visit during summers, as the hotels would be willing to provide some good deals on accommodations. However, do not expect a significant amount of discount from them. The best time to visit this metropolis is during the period between November and March. Daytime temperatures are quite pleasant in the winter season for enjoying your time outdoors. Although there are occasional rains, they’re usually light showers and do not stay for long.

When you talk about Dubai, the very thing that first comes to your mind is Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. So, it is quite obvious that your Dubai holidays won’t be considered complete without a visit to this world-famous building. The next big attraction worth exploring in the city is the Dubai Mall. You can have a great shopping experience in this enormous mall and enjoy some of its diverse offerings during your visit. If you’re wondering how life was in this part of UAE before the oil boom and the recent developments, head to the old quarter called Bastakia.


You can have loads of fun skydiving during your Dubai holidays over the Palm Jumeirah after taking off in a plane from Dubai Marina and then jumping off from it while strapped to your instructor. There are some excellent trails for mountain-biking on the Hajar Mountains, which gives you the chance to indulge in an adventurous ride. If you want to enjoy camping in the desert, you can embark on a trip to the desert of the Dubai emirate and set up your camp in the midst of those sandy dunes.

There are some traditional dishes of Dubai, which you’d like to try during your time spent in the metropolis. Among them is Shawarma, which has also become popular in many other parts of the world today. It is a roll prepared using the Arabic flatbread stuffed with spiced meat and served with vegetables, pickles, garlic sauce, or fries. Machboos is another delicious treat that you can savour while in the city. It is made by cooking spiced lamb in a stew along with rice and tomatoes. It is then flavoured using several spices, such as cardamom, cloves, turmeric, and cassia bark before serving hot.


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