Discover Interesting Facts of Bedouins with Dubai Holidays

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Dubai has received worldwide attention in recent times owing to its ultra-modern entertainment facilities and towering skyscrapers, the most famous being the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. This Emirati city also has a history that’s equally fascinating and dates back to the times of ancient seafarers and nomadic tribes. However, the Bedouins never fail to catch the attention of a curious tourist or a history buff who is in the city to explore its culture and an interesting past of this region. You’ll also get some astonishing insights into the lives of these nomadic desert dwellers when you are in this part of the United Arab Emirates.

They are called ‘Bedawi’ in Arabic and are the oldest residents of the Arabian deserts who travelled through the seemingly endless dunes. In the past, they journeyed thousands of miles and looked up to the sun and the stars for a proper direction. Even today, these people are well-known for their hospitality and survival tactics in the face of harsh weather and a challenging environment of the desert. During your Dubai holidays, you’ll get to know more about the Bedouins while on a desert safari. Such tours also allow tourists to interact with these people and experience their way of life.

It would come as a surprise for you that Bedouins could know the footsteps of an animal, man, woman, boy, or a girl through their amazing distinguishing capabilities. They often had to face extreme heat and water scarcity in the desert, which gave them the ability to utilise whatever they had for their protection and survival. Different kinds of desert plants and trees were used for a variety of purposes, such as constructing homes, shades, and shelter. Camels that are known as ‘ships of the desert’ were used as modes of transport, symbols of wealth, and sources of food. Hides of these animals were used for making warm clothes, tents, and shoes.

Camel milk is abundant in nutrients and was used to make clarified butter or yoghurt, while their hair was woven into rugs. One of the traditions of Bedouins that has survived over the years is Falconry. These nomadic people had discovered the immense speed, power, and focus of a falcon and used these mighty birds as highly effective hunting tools. You can get to experience this ancient tradition while on a desert safari during your Dubai holidays. These wild birds are turned into great hunters through meticulous taming and training processes.

You’ll also admire the fact that the Bedouins are extremely proud people and have their age-old code of honour with a strong sense of loyalty to their tribe, clan, and immediate families. Men carry out the task of trading and protecting the tribe, while women stay at home, prepare food, raise children, and manage the household. These people are renowned for their welcoming nature and hospitality. Any individual who visits their home is greeted well and treated with great respect. When you are the guest of a Bedouin, you’ll also be treated with some fabulous Emirati delicacies, such as cooked meat served with bread or rice, coffee, and dates.


Know Emirati History and Culture During Your Dubai Holidays


Dubai is globally renowned for its towering high-rises and grand entertainment complexes. These are two of the major aspects of this Emirati city that attract tourists from various parts of the globe. However, it also has a rich cultural heritage and an interesting history that are just as delightful as its modern architectural wonders. The best way to experience its cultural and historical delights is to go on a themed walking tour, which would take you to certain parts of the Dubai Creek and Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. Usually, such tours begin from the Al Fahidi Street located in Bur Dubai.

Just before beginning the walking tour during your Dubai holidays, you can have a refreshing cup of local tea at the Arabian Tea House in the Bur Dubai area. This would be a strong tea brewed using milk and spices. After having your cup of tea, you can head towards the maze-like lanes of Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood to know how life in this region was from the mid-19th century until the late 20th century. While wandering the narrow lanes, you’ll come across some fascinating art spaces, cafes, and museums. You’ll also get to discover certain homes constructed using coral, gypsum, and limestone.

You can continue towards Al Musallah Road and visit the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. This centre aims to help visitors coming from distant lands in understanding the local traditions and culture and offers some valuable information about various aspects of the Emirati life. With reasonable fees, you can have a traditional meal and tour the entire venue. Among the popular attractions you can visit next are the Diwan Mosque and XVA Art Hotel. These places are excellent to take some fantastic snaps.

Upon moving towards Ali Bin Abi Taleb Street, you’ll get the opportunity to visit the Textile Souk. This is one of the several ‘souks’ or ‘traditional markets’ that you can find when you go sightseeing during your Dubai holidays. It comprises small shops and stalls that offer some colourful fabrics, which you can buy after bargaining for a fair price. After shopping for the desired fabrics, you can head to Saruq Al Hadid. This museum was opened recently and houses a range of artefacts that have been brought from an ancient archaeological site located in the desert area. You’ll be surprised by the fact that nearly a thousand different objects were discovered from the site.

Don’t forget to walk back to the Bur Dubai Abra Station, which reminds tourists of the historic roots of the city. You’ll be transported to the times when the early settlers earned their livelihood by relying on the waters for trade. They used to travel on a traditional boat called ‘abra’, which has stood the test of time and is used even today. For a small amount, you can embark on a short trip on one of these traditional wooden boats to Deira. You can also make a trip through this scenic route by taking the Dubai Ferry, which is used extensively by tourists as well as the locals.

Witness Some Marvellous Places with Cheap Holidays to Dubai


Dubai is a city that shows you all its greatest accomplishments with tall skyscrapers and modern transportation systems. However, if you explore the city further, you’ll also come across certain places that are relatively less popular but have some unique experiences in store for their visitors. Some of these places are located outside the city limits but can be reached easily from the place of your stay. Such places are also the ideal spots to indulge in some fantastic adventures, which would make your time spent in this city a memorable experience.

Among the most fascinating places you’ll get to explore during your Dubai holidays is the Dubai Creek, which is the heart of this Emirati city. The Bani Yas tribe had made this place their home many centuries ago and was the hub for fishing and pearl diving activities. In recent times, the entire area has become a place of great importance, especially for the history buffs who wish to know more about the region’s past. You can explore the Dubai Museum and the traditional markets located in this part of the city, called ‘souks’. Don’t forget to take a ride in one of the traditional boats or ‘abras’.

Your trip to an outdoor complex of wonderful public facilities, cafes, restaurants, and shops called ‘The Beach’ would give you the chance to indulge in a variety of experiences, such as watching a movie, shopping, dining, and visiting the beach area. If you’re holidaying in this city with your entire family, including children, you can visit this place during the weekend to have loads of fun in a popular waterpark. The kids would be entertained by the variety of offerings in the water park. The Beach is also a venue in great demand during the weekends owing to the guest DJs who play some amazing numbers and the visitors sway to their tunes.

Extending from the Dubai Creek to the Arabian Gulf is the 3.2-kilometre waterway called the Dubai Water Canal. It opened in 2016 and since then, it has been welcoming visitors with some amazing developments, such as a 12-kilometre cycling path and an 80,000-square-metre public space. This can be one of the places you can explore if you wish to enjoy cheap holidays to Dubai. Today, this canal attracts a large number of tourists with its five pedestrian bridges. You’ll also come across the Habtoor City development near this canal, which houses several five-star hotels and restaurants.

One of the places you must not miss while holidaying in this city is Dubai Opera, which is located in the new Opera District. The rear portion of the building is home to car parking spaces, taxi rank, and a foyer. The stage area has been designed to facilitate its conversion into three different platforms. Many individuals who visit this opera have often compared it with the West End of London and the Broadway of Manhattan, considering its exciting schedule. It is quite close to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain. The building of Dubai Opera was inspired by the shape of ‘dhow’ ships that sail in the Arabian region.

Tour Al Seef with Cheap Holidays to Dubai


For many of the tourists, Dubai is a city of modern architectural wonders housing some of the astonishingly tall high-rises, such as the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. However, the city also has quite a few fascinating places where you can get interesting insights into its rich cultural heritage. Among them is Al Seef, which is located near the Dubai Creek. This is a relatively new place, which combines the traditions of the Emirati city and modern designs to give you some truly memorable experiences while exploring it.

While enjoying your cheap holidays to Dubai in this heritage district, you’ll get to know more about the beginnings of Dubai Creek as a renowned coastal base for pearl-diving. It occupies more than a kilometre of the Creek’s shoreline and is divided into two sections. One of them features old architecture and can be described as a heritage area. It also leads you to the second section, which has more of the contemporary structures. Your visit to Al Seef would also give you the chance to experience Dubai Creek’s environment and watch the fishermen and traders crisscrossing the waters in the traditional sailing vessels called ‘dhows’. The best way to enjoy the whole experience is to take a walking tour of the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood before entering Al Seef.

This heritage district in the Emirati city of Dubai also comprises sandstone buildings and wind towers. Such old structures give you a glimpse of the city’s past as you stroll through the alleyways. Al Seef has an open-air floating market that hosts Emirati art spaces and areas featuring crafts, textiles, and cuisine of the region. You can also choose to visit one of the waterfront restaurants. Some of them offer al fresco seating during certain seasons and there are a range of cuisines offered, such as Emirati, Lebanese, Japanese, and Syrian.

Your Dubai holidays would also allow you to enjoy some great shopping experiences in Al Seef’s shopping concepts that can be seen throughout the heritage district. Ladies can pick from a variety of handbags or customised jewellery at some of these places. You can also sample the Arabian perfume oils and fragrances that are meant for those seeking the more luxurious range. All of these shopping spaces are an excellent combination of Emirati hospitality, world-renowned brands, and home-grown concepts.

A stay in this part of Dubai would be no less than a dream for many of the travellers planning to explore the Emirati city. You can find three hotels in Al Seef that add up to more than 500 rooms and suites. Upon staying in any of these hotels, you can enjoy the unique experience of being amidst some of the historical and cultural wonders of the city. All of these three hotels have a distinct style of architecture. One features traditional-style architecture with natural colours, while the other has contemporary-style spaces and rooms. All of these hotels have welcoming staff, which makes sure that the stay in your chosen hotel gives you some memorable moments to cherish.

Dubai Holidays Allow You to Tour the Water Canal


Dubai, the glamorous city of the United Arab Emirates, constantly reinvents itself to attract the attention of tourists worldwide. It has already become popular across the globe following the astounding success of its major projects like Burj Khalifa and the Palm Islands. One of the recent additions is Dubai Water Canal, which is a 3.2-kilometre long waterway that makes its way from the creek in Old Dubai to the Arabian Gulf. This allows you to travel through the canal and witness some of the delightful sights. This new development turns a considerable portion of the emirate into an island, making it one of the biggest urban transformations in the world.

Your Dubai holidays would turn into an unforgettable experience with this amazing development, which is valued at more than 2 billion AED. It involved a major overhaul in the infrastructure of one of the busiest areas of Dubai. It has been 3 years since the project was launched and it has already reached a major milestone. This 3.2-kilometre waterway ranges in width from 80 t0 120 metres and passes through Sheikh Zayed Road, which is among the main areas of Dubai. It also covers the residential district of Jumeirah, connecting with the Arabian Gulf and adding more than 6 kilometres of the waterfront space to the emirate. This creates 80,000 square metres of area for public spaces and facilities.

A mechanical waterfall is created at the place where the Dubai Water Canal meets the Sheikh Zayed Road Bridge. Water is pumped through the bridge in a ceaseless flow with the help of motion-operated mechanical waterfall. It can also go off when a sensor detects any boat nearby. To allow visitors to cross at key points and enjoy the breath-taking views below, five pedestrian bridges have also been made available, including three across this canal. The Road and Transport Authority of Dubai has turned this water canal into a major hub of marine transport with five stations catering to 6 million passengers every year.

Located along this canal are many leisure and lifestyle developments, including retail establishments, restaurants, and hotels. These developments also include a boardwalk and marina, making it one of the major hotspots for residents and tourists intending to enjoy cheap holidays to Dubai. Over 5,000 residences and more than 900 hotel rooms are also expected to come up in the area surrounding this water canal. There are three districts in this part of Dubai, namely Gate Towers, Jumeirah, and the Peninsula.

One of the landmarks within them is a three-level mall covering a total area of 300,000 square metres and having over 400 retail outlets and its roof having a green park. At the end of the canal is a man-made peninsula, which serves as Jumeirah Beach Park’s extension. It adds a kilometre of sandy beach and increases space for recreational activities in the area. Along with the Dubai Water Canal, the Marasi Business Bay Promenade is also a fabulous development, which includes a promenade and leisure areas spanning several kilometres.

Cheap Holidays to Dubai Allow You to Shop for Souvenirs


Dubai is the place where your holiday would truly be memorable and you’d want to take some of the memories back home. Of course, you’ll have all those wonderful snaps you’ve clicked while getting around in the city and even in certain places outside it, such as the desert. The images of all those fabulous places would keep your memories of this Emirati city alive for a lifetime. However, there is another excellent way to cherish all the memorable moments that you might’ve had while holidaying in the city. It is by shopping for some fantastic souvenirs before boarding the flight to your home country from Dubai.

After you’ve made the sojourn in this city one of your cheap holidays to Dubai, you’d not like to spend the entire amount saved while shopping for some expensive items. It, therefore, makes sense to visit some of the local markets and take home a few items that won’t cost you a fortune. The traditional markets or ‘souks’ in the city are the best places to get such things. One of these markets is the Spice Souk, which is located near the waterways of Dubai Creek. Each of the stores in this souk offers some of the finest selections of spices, which some tourists consider to be among the best in the world.

The perfumes of Arabia are well-known across the world and this gives you a reason to visit the Perfume Souk of this Emirati city. As soon as you enter this market of scents, you’d feel grateful to have visited such a place during your time spent in Dubai. Fragrances have always been a part of the life of locals in this part of the world since quite a long time. The Emirati people always go for the best perfumes and one of the ideal places to get them is the Perfume Souk. Once you’re in this market, you’ll find many scented items to choose from, such as perfumed oils, powder, stick, and wooden items.

If you love jewellery, it won’t come as a surprise that ornaments made of gold would be one of your favourites. Dubai’s Gold Souk is the perfect place to be in if you’re a jewellery lover. It can be reached by taking a short ride from the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood in an ‘abra’, which is the traditional boat used as one of the modes of water transport. Upon getting to this market during your Dubai holidays, you’ll find rows of outlets with attractive gold jewellery kept in eye-catching glass displays. Gold necklaces, bracelets, engagement rings, and earrings are some of the items you’ll come across while getting around in this souk.

Located in Bur Dubai’s old trading centre is the Textile Souk, where you can shop for a number of fascinating fabrics made of silk, cotton, and other materials. You can choose the type of print and colour you’re looking for while skimming through the seemingly endless collections of fabrics. If you need some assistance while shopping for the textiles, the traders of the souk would be very forthcoming in helping you find the finest fabrics and patterns from various corners of the world.

Dubai Holidays Allow You to Have Fun in Hatta


An inland exclave of the Dubai emirate, Hatta is located to the east of Dubai city and gives you the chance to escape the hustle-bustle of crowds and have a wonderful time amidst an untamed environment, rocky mountain peaks, and crisp air. This area has become one of the sought-after destinations for many adventurous tourists visiting the Emirati city. It was previously called ‘Hajarain’ and was known by the name until the early 20th century. Many of the city-based families came to this region for a stay during the summer season to escape the extreme heat and humidity. Today, it has become a favourite place of adventure seekers.

If you’re looking forward to indulging in some exciting adventures during your Dubai holidays, Hatta would be an ideal place to visit. Mountain biking is one of such adventurous activities, which allows you to go biking through the mesmerising hills, farmlands, and valleys of this area. The trails range from those suitable for beginners to the ones meant for riders of advanced levels. You’ll be guided with clear markers as you enjoy your ride on these pathways. Don’t forget to carry all the essential supplies and plenty of water with you before embarking on your mountain-biking expedition to Hatta.

The winding valleys or ‘wadis’ along the foothills of the mountains and other rugged features of Hatta makes it a perfect destination for hiking. One of the popular spots is the famous Hatta Dam, which is among the largest bodies of water in this area. You can find a rough rock behind the dam, which allows you to enjoy excellent views from the vantage points. The Hatta Wadi Hub offers bookings of the hiking expeditions for enthusiastic hikers. You can also have a memorable experience staying in one of the lodges or caravans during your tour of Hatta.

You can also embark on a sightseeing trip to Hatta while enjoying your cheap holidays to Dubai. The landscapes of this area are characterised by beautiful natural surroundings. Some of the wonderful sights you’ll get to witness during your time spent in this part of the Dubai Emirate are the desert areas, the Hatta Dam and its calm turquoise waters. In the central part of the town is Hatta Heritage Village, which is a restored museum and gives you a glimpse of the Emirati life with the help of reconstructed huts, houses, and buildings.

Hatta also has some thrilling experiences awaiting you on its lake. While on your visit to this area in the Dubai Emirate, you can go kayaking on the Hatta Lake by renting a kayak or a paddleboat. A memorable ride across the turquoise waters would give you the chance to watch the fish and birds in action. The curved passageways located behind the mountains allow you to venture into the areas less travelled. If you’re in Dubai during the winter season, you can try a wide range of activities, such as wall climbing, archery, and zip-lining during your trip to the Hatta Wadi Hub.

4 Thrilling Activities You Can Enjoy During Dubai Holidays

Besides exploring all the world-famous attractions like Burj Khalifa, Palm Islands, and the Dubai Mall, you’ll have plenty of other things to do in Dubai during your holiday spent in this glamorous city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This fascinating city has undergone an amazing transformation over the past few decades and is now one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the world. It is also well-known as the business hub of the Middle East region. Every year, millions of business and leisure travellers arrive in this city from different corners of the globe.

While enjoying your Dubai holidays, you’ll get to experience some thrilling activities that would make your time spent in the city worth cherishing. Here are a few of them:

  1. Desert Safaridesert safari

Among the things that come into the minds of many travellers with the mention of Dubai is a desert. Although the city has completely transformed itself into an ultra-modern metropolis today, it has not forgotten its origins. It still has retained its desert and the magnificent golden dunes are the places where you can enjoy some thrilling activities by embarking on a desert safari. Some of the popular activities that are offered by the tour operators arranging desert safaris are sand-boarding, dune-bashing, and camel rides.

  1. Skydivingskydiving

There are very few things that would give you the kind of thrills as jumping off a plane from a height of nearly 4,000 metres above the ground. You can experience this highly adventurous activity with skydiving. Many of the tourists who visit this city often include this activity in their bucket-list. If you’re experienced enough, you can go for a solo dive. Beginners would be helped by an experienced instructor, who would jump off the plane with them and float in the air over the Palm Islands or any of the other attractive places in the city.

  1. Mountain Bikingmountain biking

Over the years, this activity has grown in popularity among the adventure-seekers visiting the city. If you wish to indulge in this exciting activity, you can head straight to the Hajar Mountains on your ATB or all-terrain bike, leaving the city behind. Upon reaching the mountains, you’ll be greeted by an adventurous terrain, where you can test your skills with the presence of multiple levels of difficulty. For enjoying this adventure, all you have to do is rent a bike from any of the operators providing bike-rentals in the city and go on a ride towards the rugged terrain of Hajar Mountains.

  1. Hot Air Ballooninghot baloon

You’ll be delighted to witness the awe-inspiring sights of the desert from greater heights by taking a hot-air balloon ride. This activity has grown in popularity among many tourists in recent times. The calm winds and unobstructed spaces make for ideal conditions for this outdoor adventure. The views that you would get to savour from above would give you some memorable moments of your holiday in the city. The tour operators arranging such rides would have several packages available with them. Some of the packages include a premium hot-air balloon ride with breakfast, falcon show, and desert safari included.

See More Cultural Attractions with Dubai Holiday Packages



In recent times, Dubai has the reputation of being a major tourist destination and business hub of the Middle East. The capital of the Emirates of Dubai, this city is known for its excellent infrastructure and towering high-rises including the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Despite all the changes that it has undergone over the years, this Emirati city has been successful in preserving its rich Arab traditions. You can witness the influence of the Arab and Islamic culture on the city’s architecture, attire, cuisine, and lifestyle. While exploring this part of the United Arab Emirates, you’ll get the chance to witness its popular cultural attractions.


Among them is the Jumeirah Mosque, which is considered as one the iconic landmarks of the city. It is a replica of Cairo’s Al-Azhar Mosque and has been constructed in the Fatimid architectural style. Most of the Dubai holiday packages include a visit to this majestic mosque, which looks truly attractive in the evenings when its floodlights come alive. There are guided tours organised by the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Cultural Understanding, which help non-Muslims to have a better understanding of Islam. You can take these tours on all days except on Fridays and they begin at 10 am every day.


The Dubai holidays also allow you to explore the Bastakia quarter, which is also referred to as the Al-Fahidi neighbourhood. It was built during the 19th century and was home to many of the rich Persian merchants trading in textiles and pearls. They had settled in this region primarily owing to the easy access to Dubai Creek and tax-free trading that they enjoyed in this part of the world. As you explore this quarter, you’ll come across several old buildings built using limestone and coral. They also have wind-towers that provided an early form of air-conditioning by trapping the wind and funnelling it down into the rooms.


You can visit Deira with the all inclusive Dubai holidays to get a glimpse of the traditional markets or ‘souks’. Among them, the Deira Gold Souk is the world’s largest gold bazaar. A visit to the Deira Spice Souk would give you the chance to witness plenty of stalls that seem to overflow with different kinds of spices, such as saffron, cumin, paprika, and thyme. The ‘Heritage House’ is one of the attractions in Deira you can’t afford to miss. It was built in the late 19th century for an Iranian merchant and was later the residence of a renowned pearl merchant, Sheikh Ahmed bin Dalmouk.


One of the interesting cultural attractions in Dubai is the Heritage and Diving Village, which showcases the city’s cultural, architectural, and maritime heritage with the help of some intriguing displays. They give you some insights into the activities that were carried out in this region before the oil boom, such as dhow building and pearl diving. You’ll also find some excellent recreations of Persian homes, a small souk with weavers and potters creating handicrafts at the stalls, and a traditional coffee house.


You can click here for detailed information on Dubai holidays and the attractions that you can get to explore in this Emirati city.


Dubai Holidays Can Give You Some Truly Memorable Experiences


A perfect mix of traditions and modernity, Dubai is the world-famous city of the United Arab Emirates and the capital of the Emirate of Dubai. It attracts plenty of tourists every year from different parts of the world with its globally renowned attractions and events. The city is often referred to as the ‘shopping capital of the Middle East’ owing to the presence of over 70 shopping centres and some traditional marketplaces called ‘souks’. During your holiday in this fantastic city, you’ll get the opportunity to visit the most awe-inspiring attractions and indulge in some exciting outdoor activities.

The best time to enjoy your Dubai holidays is during the period between November and March. During this time of the year, the city experiences its winter season with relatively pleasant daytime temperatures. If you’re planning your visit in this season, you’ll have to book your holiday package or hotel accommodation several months in advance as this is also the time when plenty of tourists flock to the city. From April to October, the summer season makes its presence felt in this city with extremely hot weather and high humidity levels. It is obvious that most of the tourists avoid visiting this city during summers. This allows you to enjoy some discounts on hotel stays.

Dubai’s iconic landmark and the most popular attraction is the Burj Khalifa. It is the world’s tallest building with a height of 829.8 metres. Your Dubai holidays would give you the chance to visit its observation deck located on the 124th floor and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the city’s skyline. If you wish to know how life was in this region during the late-19th century, head to the Bastakia quarter located in the eastern portion of Bur Dubai. Other interesting attractions worth visiting in the city are Jumeirah Mosque, the Dubai Mall, and the Jumeirah Beach.

You can utilise the amount saved while booking the Dubai flights to try some adventurous activities during your holiday. Among them is sea kayaking, which would allow you to explore the fascinating mangroves. The Hajar Mountains would be the right place to embark on a hiking adventure on some challenging routes. If you’ve been longing to have some thrilling underwater experiences, the wreck dives located a couple of kilometres offshore can take you to a wreck that now acts as an artificial coral reef. You can also enjoy desert camping by moving beyond the city’s limits to the Al Shuwaib area.

While exploring Dubai, you’ll also get to savour some mouth-watering treats in its restaurants. Among them is Al Machboos, which is prepared using rice, meat, onions, and some aromatic spices. You can also try Al Harees, one of the traditional foods of this city served during weddings, Ramadan, and other occasions. It takes several hours to make this dish using wheat, meat, and a pinch of salt. Chelo Kabab is another mouth-watering delicacy that you can enjoy while holidaying in Dubai. It consists of basmati rice served along with butter on the kebabs.

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