Pick the Right Transport Upon Arrival in Flights to Goa

goa flights

An abundance of golden-sand beaches, a fascinating blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures, and many such interesting characteristics have made Goa one of the leading tourist destinations in India. Although it is the smallest state in the country, it packs many fabulous attractions within a small geographical area. This Indian state is visited by numerous international and domestic tourists every year owing to these wonderful aspects. During your time spent in Goa, you’ll also get to enjoy the delectable dishes from the Goan cuisine.

Upon your arrival at the airport in any of the flights to Goa, the availability of different options in transport modes would help you get to the hotel where your accommodation has been arranged with great convenience. A major transport mode used for travelling to major towns and rural areas is a privately-owned bus. You can also choose to hire the unmetered taxis, auto-rickshaws or motorcycle taxis. Fares of the private transport modes are usually negotiated. The cheapest mode of transport in Goa other than buses is a motorcycle taxi. During your stay in this part of India, you can also rent a motorcycle and travel to various places in the state.

You can take the flat-bottomed ferry boats during your river crossings while getting around in Goa. The rates are quite reasonable and the service runs from morning until late in the evening. If you need a vehicle for travelling to different parts of the state, including the remote areas, you can hire a geared or non-geared bike on a ‘per day’ basis. These bikes are easily available in nearly all the major towns and villages in the state. Their rates are affordable for international tourists and vary according to the type of bike that they choose. The geared bikes cost more than the non-geared ones.

Motorcycle taxis, also known as ‘pilots’, can also be hired for getting to your desired places in the state. However, they can only accommodate one individual at a time. They are extremely cheap and can also be used for travelling long distances. Yet another low-cost transport is a local private bus, which covers longer distances and can take you to the remotest areas. The front of these buses displays the names of places where it would make a halt and this helps you in identifying the right bus that would take you to your desired destination. You can also choose to take the buses of Kadamba Transport Corporation if you want to get to the main cities like Panaji and Margao.

The prepaid taxi service available from the airport can give you a more comfortable ride to your destination. You’ll be charged a standard amount based on the number of kilometres covered. This service is also available at some of the railway stations. Taxi services exclusively for women are also available for the safety and convenience of female tourists. You must be extremely careful while hiring the private taxis or auto-rickshaws that don’t follow a meter system as they can charge you more than the standard rates.


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