Paris Holidays Allow You to Witness Historic Attractions



Paris is a charming city and the capital of France, which is renowned throughout the world for its fabulous offerings in fashion and arts. Its cobblestone streets, green spaces, and elegant art galleries attract tourists from different parts of the globe. Whether they’re visiting this part of France for the first time or are frequent visitors, tourists are always full of praise for the shopping avenues and architectural marvels of Paris. During your holidays spent in the French capital, you’ll have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to popular tourist attractions.

Your cheap holidays to Paris would take you to Champ de Mars, where you’ll get to witness Eiffel Tower, the wrought iron lattice structure that has fascinated numerous travellers over the years. It was designed and built by a French civil engineer, Gustave Eiffel, and has been named after him. This tower was the world’s tallest building until the Chrysler Building was constructed. You can have the choice of taking the elevator or climbing the steps in order to get to the first level. Upon reaching the second floor, you can enjoy some delectable treats at the restaurant, Le Jules Verne. When you reach the top of this structure, you’ll be amazed to witness the most fantastic views of the city.

Another interesting attraction worth exploring during your Paris holidays is the Notre-Dame Cathedral, which was founded in the 12th century by Bishop Maurice de Sully and King Louis IX. Upon visiting this cathedral, you’ll be amazed to witness some brilliant sculptures, beautifully-crafted facade, and stained-glass windows. This magnificent structure was first built in the Early Gothic style. However, in the years that followed, several additions were made in the High Gothic style. While on your visit to this cathedral, you can also benefit from an audio-visual show that the authorities offer every weekend.

The Louvre Museum is yet another masterpiece you just can’t afford to miss while enjoying your Paris holidays. It was the residence of French kings once and is now the world’s largest art museum. It is located in the Louvre Palace, a mesmerising structure that was constructed as a fortress in the 12th century. A glass pyramid designed by the famous Chinese-American architect, Ieoh Ming Pei, is used as the point of entry into this museum. The building houses more than 30,000 works of art that have been placed in different galleries. Jardin des Tuileries park, which was created by a popular French landscape architect known as Andre Le Notre, is located on one side of this museum. This park has several trimmed trees, decorative pools, and benches.

La Conciergerie is an intriguing building worth visiting while holidaying in the French capital. It was used as a prison during the French Revolution, where some of the prominent personalities like Maximilien Robespierre and Marie-Antoinette were lodged. Ever since it opened in the year 1914 as a national historical monument, it has been explored by many curious tourists. A significant portion of this building is used for the law courts of the city even today.

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