4 Exciting Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in Marmaris


Marmaris is a gorgeous port city in Turkey, visited by plenty of tourists every year from different corners of the globe. As it is located on the Mediterranean coast, the city is known mostly for its beaches. However, if you move away from the city crowds and explore the countryside and some unusual terrains nearby, you can get the chance to enjoy a few adventurous activities.

Such activities can be arranged with the help of a local tour operator. The amount saved while booking your cheap holidays to Marmaris can also be utilised to have some of these activities arranged. These activities give you some memorable moments as you get to enjoy delicious meals and know more about the places and people you encounter along the way. Following are some of the activities you can enjoy during your time spent in this Turkish city:

  1. Hiking


The best way to explore the hilly terrains and savour the fascinating views of the countryside is to go hiking. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll be pleased to see the natural beauty of the green surroundings as you move further along the adventurous trail. Some of the best trails for hiking in Marmaris are in Kumlubuk, Turunc, and Sogut. Certain hiking expeditions would also allow you to enjoy swimming in the shallow waters of the Mediterranean Sea towards the end of the trip.

  1. Mountain Biking

    Mountain Biking

Another thrilling activity you can try while holidaying in Marmaris is mountain biking. You’ll get the chance to explore some charming paths that lead you through the pine forests and fruit plantations. Such tours have grown in popularity over the past few years among the cycling enthusiasts. You’ll have about 700 kilometres of cycling route, which is well-marked and offer awe-inspiring views of lush green landscapes. These routes can also be explored in a 4×4 vehicle, which is mostly used during the off-road safaris. You can hire a bicycle from one of the bike rentals in central Marmaris to enjoy this fun-filled activity.

  1. Horse Safari

One of the fantastic outdoor activities for both adventure seekers and nature lovers is a horse safari. Such tours are arranged by the local tour operators with a group of about 8 individuals and last for 1 to 3 hours. It would be a great experience to get some riding lessons from the guide and take in some fresh air of the countryside. These tours are offered 2 times a day and it would be easier for you to find a good local tour agent considering the good number of tour operators in the city.

  1. White Water Rafting

    White Water Rafting

If you wish to feel the adrenaline rush and a surge of excitement on the Dalaman River, try white water rafting. This activity is offered for a group of 4 to 6 individuals with the help of experienced and professional guides. You can carry your swimsuits, towels, cameras, and other essentials for these rafting tours. Starting early in the morning, you’ll get to Dalaman from Marmaris within an hour and a half. You can also have a pick-up and drop service, breakfast, lunch, insurance, and an English-speaking crew arranged for this tour.


4 Places You Must Not Miss During Your Agadir Holidays

Located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Agadir is one of Morocco’s major cities. This city was completely rebuilt in the years following its complete devastation in the year 1960. It is well-known for its beach and the beachfront promenade, which is visited by plenty of tourists every year. Agadir enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year and has clear waters touching its sandy beach. Winters in this part of the world are quite pleasant with relatively warmer daytime temperatures, while summers are quite bearable with comfortable temperatures. While getting around in the city, there are a few attractions you must never miss:

  1. City Centre

This is the place from where the sightseeing tours must actually begin during your Agadir holidays. Agadir’s city centre has some fascinating architectural delights worth exploring. Among them is the Grand Mosque, which has a unique, modernist-style architecture. You can also visit the Agadir Memorial Museum, which was built as a memorial to the devastating earthquake that hit the city in 1960. It also has an intriguing collection of black and white photographs of the city dating back to the early 20th century. Another museum you can visit is the Amazigh Museum, which displays a fantastic ethnographic collection of Bert Flint, who was a Danish art historian.

Agadir Beach


This beach is a favourite among the residents as well as tourists of Agadir. Holidaymakers from various parts of Europe can be seen unwinding on this beach throughout the year, indulging in some exciting activities besides sunbathing. Winter is the best time to be on this beach, as the pleasant weather, blue skies, and warm sunshine create the right environs for you to relax. The recently-constructed marina has also transformed it into a sought-after spot for those who enjoy yachting. There are some excellent facilities offered on this beach for the visitors as well.

  1. Crocopark

If you’re ready to travel about 14 kilometres from Agadir towards the east, you can visit this fabulous wildlife reserve for Nile crocodiles. They were the endemic species of Morocco until the early 20th century but were wiped out by constant hunting. Dedicated to protecting these species of crocodiles, this park also has a wide range of flora. You can witness these crocodiles moving around freely in the environs of the park, which have been created to resemble their natural habitat. You can get some valuable information on this park and the crocodiles from the trained and experienced staff.

  1. Kasbah


When you visit this district, which is one of the oldest in Agadir, you’ll surely come across the high walls of a fortress that survived the earthquake of 1960. The fortress was built in the late 16th century by the second Sultan of Morocco from the Saadian dynasty, Abdallah al-Ghalib. As the Kasbah is located on a hill, the walk up to the fortress would be long and tiring under the sun. It is, therefore, recommended that you take a taxi in order to reach the desired spot and then walk back down after exploring the fortress. However, you’ll be rewarded with some awe-inspiring views of the city once you get to the Kasbah.

Cheap Holidays to Bali Take You to Fantastic Places



The main tourist destination of Indonesia, Bali is often referred to as the ‘Island of Gods’ owing to the presence of many ancient temples. However, the Hindu temples are not the only attractions on this Indonesian island. While getting around in this enchanting tourist destination, you’ll come across magnificent volcanic mountains, terraced rice fields, and beautiful beaches. This island is also known for its rich cultural heritage, which is made apparent in its variety of arts, crafts, and traditions. Along with an exciting nightlife, you’ll also get the chance to witness some colourful ceremonies and dramatic dance forms.

One of the most fascinating attractions you can visit during your cheap holidays to Bali is Mount Batur. This volcanic mountain is explored by plenty of adventure enthusiasts who embark on a trekking expedition to its summit before dawn. It is situated in the Kintamani area in the central highlands of Bali and can be reached from the town of Ubud. A hike to the summit of this mountain to watch the rising sun is always on the must-do list of the tourists visiting the island. The well-marked trails make hiking on this mountain quite easy. Guided treks can be booked with any of the local tour operators in the area.

Yet another fantastic place worth exploring with your cheap holidays to Bali is the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. It is among the top attractions in the town of Ubud. The photographers and wildlife enthusiasts would be delighted to see the grey long-tailed macaques roaming around freely in the thick forests. You can make your way through the jungle of nutmeg and banyan trees with the help of paved pathways. In the midst of the dense foliage, you’ll find several ancient temples statues that are partially covered by moss. This monkey forest is a brilliant example of a harmonious co-existence between animals and human beings.

Your holidays to Bali would give you the opportunity to visit many temples located on the island, but one of the most iconic among them is Pura Tanah Lot. This temple is located at a distance of about 20 kilometres north-west of Kuta on a rocky islet. Of all the temples, this is considered to be the most sacred. It is visited by plenty of tourists as well as locals in the evening from places like Legian, Kuta, and Sanur. The lanes that lead to this temple are lined with sellers offering attractive souvenirs.

While enjoying your holidays in this Indonesian island, you can go shopping for designer clothes, swimwear, jewellery, and other items in an upscale beach resort area called Seminyak. You’ll find some stylish shops and market stalls in this part of Bali. The shopping malls located in Seminyak would also give you some fantastic shopping experiences, but if you’re looking for some great bargains, visit the flea markets near Seminyak Square. You’ll enjoy visiting the Kuta Beach, as it is one of the most popular beaches on the island. Besides unwinding on the golden sands of this beach, you can also indulge in some exciting activities like surfing.

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Cheap Holidays to Istanbul Help You Know Turkish History



The economic and cultural hub of Turkey, Istanbul was known as Byzantium and Constantinople during the ancient times. It was given its present name when the Ottomans established their rule over the country during the 15th century. This transcontinental city spans the continents of Europe and Asia, linked by the Bosporus Strait. The historical and commercial centre of this city is in the European part and one-third of its population resides in the Asian part. It is owing to this unique feature that the city is considered as a bridge between the East and West.

Your cheap Istanbul holidays would give you the chance to explore the city’s most fabulous structures and many of them were built during the Ottoman era. The more ancient sites remind you of the rich history of this city, which can be traced back to 660 BC when the Greek settlers established it as Byzantium. It was followed by a short-lived rule by the Persians. The war between the Greeks and Persians later resulted in the recapture of Byzantium by the Greeks. After the 1st century, it prospered under the rule of the Roman Empire. The city came to be known as ‘Constantinople’, when it was ruled by the Roman Emperor, Constantine, also known as ‘Constantine the Great’.

During the Fourth Crusade in the early 13th century, the city was taken over by the Catholic crusaders and the Byzantine Empire was created. In the 15th century, the Ottoman Turks captured Constantinople after a siege that lasted 8 weeks. It came under the rule of Sultan Mehmet II ‘The Conqueror’ and was declared the Ottoman Empire’s capital. The grand church, Hagia Sophia, was converted into an imperial mosque and came to be known as ‘Aya Sofya’. Your cheap holidays to Istanbul would give you the opportunity to explore this magnificent structure and its majestic surroundings.

Sultan Mehmet II created a cosmopolitan society by inviting people from various parts of Europe to settle in Constantinople. Tragedy struck years later when the epidemic of plague reduced the population of 500,000 residents to merely 1,800. Mehmet II later began a redevelopment process, which witnessed the construction of the Grand Bazaar and the Topkapi Palace. While getting around in the city during your cheap holiday to Istanbul, you can visit these fabulous attractions that have stood the test of time. Under the Ottomans, the city got transformed from a major centre of Christianity to a symbol of flourishing Islamic culture.

The rule of Suleiman the Magnificent was a golden period in the history of the Ottoman Empire. It saw the development of arts and the construction of several architectural wonders. By the end of 18th century, the population of the city grew to 570,000. The city was named ‘Istanbul’ and the rule of Sultan Mahmud II saw considerable political reforms and the introduction of new technology. The 19th and early-20th centuries saw a period of instability and wars, which ultimately ended with Turkey becoming a republic on the 29th of October, 1923.

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Cheap Holidays to Penang Take You to Exciting Places



An enchanting island located off the Peninsular Malaysia’s north-western coast, Penang Island is connected to the mainland by the Penang Strait. Besides all its beautiful natural offerings, you would also find an excellent mix of eastern cultures while holidaying in this part of the world. The historical centre of its capital city has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since the year 2008. In recent times, the island has become a booming travel destination and is known as Silicon Valley of the East.

Your Penang holiday would be a lot cheaper if you visit the island during the rainy season from May to October. As there is a drop in the numbers of tourists owing to frequent rains, you can get attractive discounts on hotel accommodations. The best time to visit this Malaysian island is from November to January. This is the most pleasant time of the year in Penang and the daytime temperatures would be ideal for enjoying your favourite outdoor activities. However, this is also a peak tourist season and you’ll have to book your holiday package or hotel accommodation several months in advance if you plan to visit during these months. Another cost-effective time for enjoying your holiday on the island is between February and April.

The cheap holidays to Penang would allow you to explore the most popular attractions on the island. Among them is Penang Hill, which is located at an altitude of 821 metres and gives you great respite from the heat of the lower altitudes. You can also get the chance to visit one of Southeast Asia’s largest Buddhist temple complexes while exploring Penang. The complex comprises statues of Four Heavenly Kings, a seven-tiered pagoda, and some beautifully-landscaped gardens. Another exciting place to be in is the Made in Penang Interactive Museum. It offers a fun way of watching artwork as the pictures exhibited have amazing 3D imagery features.

During your Penang holiday, you can also indulge in some exciting activities outdoors. One of them is trekking, which you can enjoy with a visit to the Penang National Park. There are many challenging routes around this park and you can trek to your heart’s content by choosing the most adventurous one. One of the most memorable experiences would be a funicular train ride, which takes you through the most marvellous natural surroundings while on its way to the Penang Hill. Once you reach the hill, you can find many spots that are ideal for enjoying a picnic.

While holidaying on this Malaysian island, you’ll also get the opportunity to taste some of its delicious dishes. Char Koay Teow is one of the most delectable varieties of the local cuisine and is prepared using stir-fried flat rice noodles and several other ingredients like bean sprouts, shrimps, and eggs. Another popular dish is the Assam Laksa, which is made with vermicelli noodles and fish broth. Having its origins in the Chinese province of Fujian or Hokkien, the Hokkien Mee is also a noodle-based dish worth trying.

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Cheap Holidays to Dubai Take You to Historical Attractions



When you’re in Dubai, you’ll certainly feel amazed by the way this city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has managed to keep its traditions and rich culture alive in its journey to becoming an ultra-modern global city. What was once a small trading post went through a major transformation after oil was discovered in this region during the 1960s. In recent times, Dubai has been focusing more on its tourism industry with some awe-inspiring construction projects. During your holidays to this Emirati city, you’ll come across several attractions that give you a glimpse of its history and rich culture.

Al Bastakiya is one such place you can explore during your cheap holidays to Dubai. It is also called the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood and is immensely popular among tourists who are interested in knowing more about the history of this region. You can witness some old buildings and lanes that date back to the 19th century when this neighbourhood had only 60 homes with narrow lanes separating them. In the late 20th century, almost half of the Al Bastakiya neighbourhood was demolished in order to make way for the construction of a commercial complex. The plans for further demolitions were abandoned after Prince Charles suggested that the place be preserved as a symbol of the city’s history and culture.

Your Dubai holidays would also allow you to visit the Jumeirah Mosque, which has become a popular cultural icon of the city. Tourists can visit this mosque irrespective of their faith. You can benefit from one of the tours of this mosque run by the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. There is a certain dress code that has to be followed by the women during this tour. You can know more about the Islamic faith with this tour and also have the opportunity to taste some of the traditional delicacies and drinks of the Arabs.

During your Dubai holidays, you can also get the chance to visit Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum’s official residence of the times when he ruled this region. In recent times, Dubai is ruled by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, his grandson. This historic building is located along the creek in the Al Shindagha area, the place where life started in this city for the first time. It was built in the late 19th century as the seat of the Al Maktoum family, but functions as a museum today with some interesting pictures and artefacts that remind visitors of old Dubai.

The Heritage Village is yet another fascinating attraction that you can visit while holidaying in this Emirati city. Constructed in the late 20th century, it is located in the Al Shindagha neighbourhood, which is near the Diving Village. It is the right place for all those who wish to know more about the traditional way of life in this city of the UAE. During your visit to the Heritage Village, you’ll also have the chance to enjoy the traditional dances and music of this region. Such performances are common during the period from October to March, which is a peak tourist season.

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Singapore Holidays Allow You to Visit Popular Attractions




Singapore is now one of the top Asian tourist destinations, and among the global hubs for entertainment, education, finance, and technology. A major highlight of this nation is the way it has managed to retain its cultural diversity in the face of globalisation. The presence of Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures gives you the chance to have some diverse experiences with regards to arts, festivals, and food. Besides all the cultural experiences of this Asian island country, you’ll also get the chance to explore some of its popular attractions.

One of such attractions you can witness during your Singapore holidays is Gardens by the Bay. This nature park is spread across a vast area of 250 acres and comprises three waterfront gardens, such as Bay East Garden, Bay South Garden, and Bay Central Garden. The largest among them is the Bay South Garden which spans 130 acres. This enchanting nature park is visited by more than 20 million individuals every year. A major highlight of this park is the Supertree Grove, which is home to various futuristic structures. Another major attraction in this park is the Cloud Forest Dome that houses a 35-metre waterfall.

During your cheap holidays to Singapore, you can explore the elegant Marina Bay Sands complex. It includes Marina Bay Sands Skypark, ArtScience Museum, a luxury hotel, and a mall that has a canal running through it. You can enjoy panoramic views of the Singapore skyline, the double helix bridge, Gardens by the Bay, and the port from the Skypark. While enjoying your time at the top, you can also grab a coffee or a snack at the rooftop restaurant or shop for some souvenirs at the souvenir stand.

Your cheap holidays to Singapore would also give you the opportunity to visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens, which is the only tropical garden to have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was founded in the mid-19th century by a horticultural society and houses the largest collection of orchids. You’ll also be amazed by the fact that it is the world’s only botanic gardens that opens at 5:00 in the morning and remains open until 12:00 at midnight every day. More than 4 million tourists visit this botanic gardens every year to witness thousands of species of flora spread over an area of 82 hectares. A visit to the Singapore Zoo would make your day delightful, as it is considered to be the best rainforest zoo with well-maintained facilities.

You’ll notice that the animals housed in this zoo are well-treated by the staff and they have vast spaces to move around comfortably. Of the most impressive species among them are the orangutans. They can be seen feasting on the bananas and swinging from one place to another in the surroundings created for them. At least 3 hours are required to move around in the zoo and watch all its wild animals in action. Visitors to the zoo can also have a more personalised wildlife experience with the orangutans by taking the ‘Singapore Zoo Breakfast with the Orangutans’ tour.

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