Save on Flights to Dubai and Discover Historic Attractions


Dubai, a glitzy city located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is one of the most fantastic holiday destinations in the world today. It is full of elegant high-rises, shopping malls, and entertainment complexes visited by plenty of tourists every year. While getting around in this city during your holiday, you’ll also come across many of its historic places, which would give you some interesting insights into its humble beginnings. These historical attractions of Dubai have been maintained well by the authorities and co-exist with all the modern and glamorous skyscrapers.

Upon booking your flights to Dubai several months in advance, you’ll have greater savings that can be utilised while exploring the places that take you through the interesting past of the city. One of them is Dubai Museum, which is located in the Al-Fahidi Fort built in the late 18th century for defending Dubai Creek. The walls of this fort have been built using traditional blocks made of coral. In the past, this fort was where the ruling family of the region resided. The fort was also used as a seat of the government. During your visit to the museum, you’ll come across some interesting artefacts, such as musical instruments and weapons.

A visit to the Al-Fahidi neighbourhood, also known as Bastakia, would allow you to witness the coral and limestone buildings built in the late 19th century. They were the homes of rich Persian merchants who traded in textiles and pearls. You’ll also get to see the wind-towers built in these homes, which were an early form of air-conditioning. These wind-towers trapped the wind and allowed it to enter into the houses, keeping their interiors cool. While getting around in this old quarter, you’ll also get the chance to explore an impressive collection of traditional Arabian furniture and ceramics.

You can also get some intriguing insights into the history of this Emirati city by visiting Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House located in Bur Dubai. It was the home of Dubai’s former ruler from 1921 to 1958, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum. The current ruler, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, is his grandson. The former residence of the Al Maktoum family has been rebuilt and opened as a museum. Sheikh Saeed’s father had built the original house in the late 19th century with the intention of watching the shipping activities. Inside the house, you can explore some interesting exhibits, including some old photographs of Dubai.

Located on the northern bank of Dubai Creek is Deira, an area home to the traditional markets or ‘souks’. These markets are always abuzz with activities as shoppers sell their wares and both tourists and residents visit this part of the city to buy the items of their choice. The Gold Souk in Deira is the world’s largest gold bazaar. You can get a wide range of spices and herbs, such as paprika, saffron, cumin, thyme, and sumac in the Spice Souk. Don’t miss exploring Heritage House and the Al-Ahmadiya School, the two brilliantly restored architectural masterpieces of the city.

Indulge in Some Exciting Adventures While Holidaying in Bali



Bali is one of the Indonesian islands visited by millions of tourists every year. The mention of its name today reminds most of the tourists of its majestic ancient temples, beautiful beaches, and the unique Balinese traditions and customs. During your time spent in this part of the world, you’ll get to witness some enchanting natural surroundings as you go on your tours to the remote regions.

Upon booking several months in advance, you can get cheap flights to Bali and utilise the savings made while exploring some of the island’s popular attractions. You can also use the savings while indulging in some thrilling activities outdoors:

  1. Go trekking

If you wish to go on an adventurous trek, Mount Agung would be an excellent choice. However, you’ll have to take permission from the temple authorities before beginning your ascent. No one can go higher than the sacred temple according to the Balinese Hindu tradition, especially when religious ceremonies are held. You must also take the volcanic activity of the mountain into consideration before planning your trek. Another volcanic mountain you can consider for your trekking expedition is Mount Batur, which is located in Kintamani. You can also get such tours booked with any of the reliable local operators.

  1. Shop for gifts and souvenirs

The abundance of gift shops in several areas on the island gives you the chance to buy some attractive souvenirs or gifts for your loved ones back home. Besides the exquisitely handcrafted items, you can also shop for delicious snacks and beverages. You’ll be spoilt for choice upon visiting the souvenir market located in the Sukawati district. Many of the elegant hotels located near the beaches have their in-house shops and if you’re staying in one of them, you don’t have to get to the busy markets to buy attractive souvenirs.

  1. Take a quad biking tour

You can take an off-road trip by riding an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accompanied by an experienced guide. Such trips are suitable for individuals of varying skill levels and would allow them to savour the picturesque views of the bamboo forest, lush green rice fields, and traditional villages. The 2-hour trip would also take you through the muddy jungle tracks and rivers. You can stop on the way to take some excellent snaps, have a shower, and change before enjoying your lunch. Everything would be arranged by the tour operator and you’ll have some memorable moments of this tour to cherish after returning to your hotel room.

  1. Enjoy a white water rafting adventure

One of the best adventures you’ll get to indulge in while holidaying in Bali is a white water rafting tour, which takes you down the Ayung River. You’ll be in the company of an experienced rafting expert who would guide you through the challenging journey down the river and also give some valuable information on the flora and fauna of the region. During this adventurous tour, you’ll also get to witness some hidden waterfalls and take a dip in the refreshing natural pools. You can choose either a morning or an afternoon departure while booking the tour according to your convenience.

Your Singapore Holiday Helps You Enjoy Fabulous Activities



A renowned island nation located in Southeast Asia, Singapore has become one of the most sought-after tourist destinations over the years. It gives tourists the chance to explore diverse cultures, architectural wonders, and majestic green spaces that are all packed into one tiny country. While getting around in this part of Asia during your holiday, you’ll also be impressed by its highly efficient public transport system. This is also a great destination for those who wish to indulge in some fabulous shopping experiences and other outdoor activities.

One of these activities is skydiving, which you can try while enjoying your Singapore holiday. If this sounds scary owing to your fear of heights, you don’t need to worry at all! At the indoor skydiving facility called ‘iFly Singapore’ located on Sentosa Island, you can experience the thrills of this activity while being in a safe indoor environment. This facility has a five-storeyed indoor wind tunnel, which simulates the experience of a 10,000-feet freefall. As you feel the rush of winds created in this indoor wind tunnel, you’ll have some of the most memorable moments of this fantastic island country.

While you’re on Sentosa Island, you can also go snorkelling over a charming coral reef with many different species of fish moving around in the crystal-clear waters of the Adventure River. During your journey down this river, you’ll also get the chance to pass through 14 different zones. If you’re on the lookout for some high-octane action, try the car rides on the Marina Bay Street Circuit’s thrilling laps. You can fasten your seat belts, put on your helmets, wear the safety gear, and you’re ready for the adventure. You can also try riding the waves at Wavehouse Sentosa, a surfing facility located on Sentosa Island.

Let your inner Tarzan come alive at the Bedok Reservoir Park, which has several obstacles in the form of elevated bridges, hanging nets, trapezes, and logs. You can also get a little more adventurous and try zip-lining over a reservoir while at this park. While exploring Clarke Quay, you can indulge in some reverse bungee jumping with a group. You can feel the adrenaline rush as you descend with great force and then rise to a height of 60 metres. The reverse bungee jumping adventure is conducted every day at 2 pm. Night Safari is yet another experience you must try during your time spent in Singapore as it allows you to witness different species of nocturnal animals in their natural environs.

Take a ride in the Singapore Flyer, which is among the tallest Ferris wheels in the world. It is located in the historical and downtown centre called Downtown Core. Opened in 2008, this Ferris wheel has 28 air-conditioned capsules, which allow you to savour some awe-inspiring views of the island. A trip to River Safari would give you the chance to watch the endangered species of wild animals moving around in their ecosystems. Among the major attractions of this park is a pair of female and male giant pandas that have been housed in a climate-controlled enclosure.

Visit Popular Places After Arriving in Flights to Maldives

maldives flights

A small island country comprising 26 ring-shaped coral reefs called ‘atolls’, Maldives is one of the most charming tourist destinations in the world. It has more than a thousand islands, which would give you plenty of options to see and do while you are in this majestic island destination. The main gateway to this nation is Velana International Airport, also known as ‘Maldives International Airport’. It was earlier called Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. This airport is located near the capital island of Male on Hulhule Island and is well-connected with the world’s major airports.

If you have a long layover at the airport after arriving in any of the flights to Maldives, you’ll have the chance to get around in the capital or relax for a couple of hours. If you wish to go sightseeing, there are many places you can explore in this part of the country. You’ll also get to interact with the Maldivians while taking a stroll in one of the smallest national capitals in the world. While exploring the capital, you’ll notice that it has been built on a grid pattern and the narrow streets are lined with office buildings, apartment blocks, and shops. Just make sure that you’re dressed in decent attire as this is quite a conservative nation.

Male is a casual and friendly capital, which makes it an ideal place for wandering and visiting some of its popular attractions. After strolling around for quite some time, you can enjoy your moments of relaxation under the shady trees of Sultan Park. It was created on the site of the Royal Palace, which was demolished in the 16th century. Sultan Park is a large public park and is well-known for its green surroundings and a serene atmosphere. It has been maintained well and has a strict policy against loitering, which includes fines for individuals caught while doing so.

You’ll get some interesting insights into the history and culture of Maldives upon visiting the National Museum, which is located in Sultan Park. This three-storeyed museum was opened in 1952 and became the first national museum upon its opening. The building is considered to be the most beautiful in the whole of Maldives and was created to preserve the country’s history and instil patriotism among the citizens. While exploring this museum, you’ll get the chance to browse through a large collection of artefacts that range from objects made of stone to antiques from the period ranging from the Buddhist era to the times of the Islamic rule.

While on your visit to the Islamic Centre, a famous architectural landmark in Male, you’ll get to witness the Grand Friday Mosque. This mosque is officially called Masjid-al-Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al Auzam and has been named after Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al Auzam, one of the most popular heroes of the country. It is the largest of all mosques in Maldives and is also among the largest mosques in South Asia. The Islamic Centre is also a place where official meetings and ceremonies are held.

Pick the Right Transport Upon Arrival in Flights to Goa

goa flights

An abundance of golden-sand beaches, a fascinating blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures, and many such interesting characteristics have made Goa one of the leading tourist destinations in India. Although it is the smallest state in the country, it packs many fabulous attractions within a small geographical area. This Indian state is visited by numerous international and domestic tourists every year owing to these wonderful aspects. During your time spent in Goa, you’ll also get to enjoy the delectable dishes from the Goan cuisine.

Upon your arrival at the airport in any of the flights to Goa, the availability of different options in transport modes would help you get to the hotel where your accommodation has been arranged with great convenience. A major transport mode used for travelling to major towns and rural areas is a privately-owned bus. You can also choose to hire the unmetered taxis, auto-rickshaws or motorcycle taxis. Fares of the private transport modes are usually negotiated. The cheapest mode of transport in Goa other than buses is a motorcycle taxi. During your stay in this part of India, you can also rent a motorcycle and travel to various places in the state.

You can take the flat-bottomed ferry boats during your river crossings while getting around in Goa. The rates are quite reasonable and the service runs from morning until late in the evening. If you need a vehicle for travelling to different parts of the state, including the remote areas, you can hire a geared or non-geared bike on a ‘per day’ basis. These bikes are easily available in nearly all the major towns and villages in the state. Their rates are affordable for international tourists and vary according to the type of bike that they choose. The geared bikes cost more than the non-geared ones.

Motorcycle taxis, also known as ‘pilots’, can also be hired for getting to your desired places in the state. However, they can only accommodate one individual at a time. They are extremely cheap and can also be used for travelling long distances. Yet another low-cost transport is a local private bus, which covers longer distances and can take you to the remotest areas. The front of these buses displays the names of places where it would make a halt and this helps you in identifying the right bus that would take you to your desired destination. You can also choose to take the buses of Kadamba Transport Corporation if you want to get to the main cities like Panaji and Margao.

The prepaid taxi service available from the airport can give you a more comfortable ride to your destination. You’ll be charged a standard amount based on the number of kilometres covered. This service is also available at some of the railway stations. Taxi services exclusively for women are also available for the safety and convenience of female tourists. You must be extremely careful while hiring the private taxis or auto-rickshaws that don’t follow a meter system as they can charge you more than the standard rates.

Save More on Flights to Dubai to Explore Majestic Places

dubai flights

Dubai, the capital of the Emirate of Dubai and the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is a place where ultra-modern infrastructure and centuries-old traditions come together to create a fantastic tourist destination. It is also a renowned business hub in the Middle East region. Today, when you look at the city, it would be hard to imagine that Dubai was just a small fishing village at the beginning of the 18th century. Over the years, it developed first into a port town and then became a global destination for trade, real estate, aviation, financial services, and tourism.

If you book your flights to Dubai several months in advance, you can save more for your trip to the city. The amount thus saved can be utilised to explore some of its world-famous attractions. One of the most popular ones is the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. It is an iconic superstructure of this city and has an overall height of more than 829 metres. You can get to the observation deck located on the 144th floor by purchasing a ticket and enjoy birds-eye views of the city and its surrounding regions. This observation deck is also the world’s highest observation deck today.

While in Dubai, don’t forget to explore the Dubai Museum, which gives you an idea of the amazing transformation that the city has undergone over the past couple of centuries. This museum is located in the Al-Fahidi Fort, which was constructed in the 17th century. A well-maintained gallery in this museum has a wide range of exhibits that would take you through the city’s journey from being a small Bedouin village to becoming a global entertainment hub and tourist destination. These exhibits include military artefacts, Arabic antiques, and old weapons.

Located close to the Dubai International Airport, the Grand Mosque is yet another delightful attraction you can explore during your time spent in this charming city of the UAE. This mosque was originally constructed at the beginning of the 20th century, but was soon demolished and then got re-built in 1960 and again in 1998 to its present form. It is a magnificent mosque with brilliant artworks and can accommodate more than a thousand individuals. People not belonging to the Islamic faith can visit the outer section of this mosque as they’re not allowed inside the structure. This mosque is at a distance of a little over 12 kilometres from the airport.

During your holiday in this Emirati city, you can get some valuable insights into the rich culture and traditions of the region by visiting the Heritage Village. It co-exists wonderfully with the high-rises of the city and has become a favourite among many tourists in recent times. You’ll be delighted to see the traditional handicrafts and artefacts displayed at this place. Upon visiting the Heritage Village, you’ll get to savour the mouth-watering delicacies from the Emirati cuisine and witness some impressive song and dance performances. You can also get a glimpse of a traditional Emirati lifestyle while exploring this part of Dubai.

4 Exciting Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in Marmaris


Marmaris is a gorgeous port city in Turkey, visited by plenty of tourists every year from different corners of the globe. As it is located on the Mediterranean coast, the city is known mostly for its beaches. However, if you move away from the city crowds and explore the countryside and some unusual terrains nearby, you can get the chance to enjoy a few adventurous activities.

Such activities can be arranged with the help of a local tour operator. The amount saved while booking your cheap holidays to Marmaris can also be utilised to have some of these activities arranged. These activities give you some memorable moments as you get to enjoy delicious meals and know more about the places and people you encounter along the way. Following are some of the activities you can enjoy during your time spent in this Turkish city:

  1. Hiking


The best way to explore the hilly terrains and savour the fascinating views of the countryside is to go hiking. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll be pleased to see the natural beauty of the green surroundings as you move further along the adventurous trail. Some of the best trails for hiking in Marmaris are in Kumlubuk, Turunc, and Sogut. Certain hiking expeditions would also allow you to enjoy swimming in the shallow waters of the Mediterranean Sea towards the end of the trip.

  1. Mountain Biking

    Mountain Biking

Another thrilling activity you can try while holidaying in Marmaris is mountain biking. You’ll get the chance to explore some charming paths that lead you through the pine forests and fruit plantations. Such tours have grown in popularity over the past few years among the cycling enthusiasts. You’ll have about 700 kilometres of cycling route, which is well-marked and offer awe-inspiring views of lush green landscapes. These routes can also be explored in a 4×4 vehicle, which is mostly used during the off-road safaris. You can hire a bicycle from one of the bike rentals in central Marmaris to enjoy this fun-filled activity.

  1. Horse Safari

One of the fantastic outdoor activities for both adventure seekers and nature lovers is a horse safari. Such tours are arranged by the local tour operators with a group of about 8 individuals and last for 1 to 3 hours. It would be a great experience to get some riding lessons from the guide and take in some fresh air of the countryside. These tours are offered 2 times a day and it would be easier for you to find a good local tour agent considering the good number of tour operators in the city.

  1. White Water Rafting

    White Water Rafting

If you wish to feel the adrenaline rush and a surge of excitement on the Dalaman River, try white water rafting. This activity is offered for a group of 4 to 6 individuals with the help of experienced and professional guides. You can carry your swimsuits, towels, cameras, and other essentials for these rafting tours. Starting early in the morning, you’ll get to Dalaman from Marmaris within an hour and a half. You can also have a pick-up and drop service, breakfast, lunch, insurance, and an English-speaking crew arranged for this tour.

5 Adventurous Activities You Can Try While in Maldives


Although Maldives is known for its white-sand beaches and other attractive natural features, you can enjoy some thrilling activities while holidaying in this gorgeous island destination located on the Indian Ocean. Maldives comprises more than a thousand islands that are grouped into 26 atolls or ring-shaped coral reefs.

As this island nation is surrounded by waters of the Indian Ocean, it is one of the prominent hubs in the world for enjoying some exciting water sports. Most of the resorts located in Maldives are also equipped with some excellent facilities for such activities. Following are some of the exciting activities you’ll get to indulge in while holidaying in this island nation:

  1. Fishing


There are many resorts in the island nation that can arrange this activity for you during your cheap Maldives holidays. The channels between the islands, reef waters, and outer slopes of the reefs are three major places where you can go fishing. You can try bait-fishing with the help of appropriate fishing equipment and an experienced instructor. Sailfish, mackerel, and seer fish can be caught in the area within the atolls. It must be kept in mind that fishing in a lagoon is not allowed in this part of the world.

  1. Surfing


If you’re a surfing enthusiast, Male Atoll would be the best place to have an exciting time on the waves. While there are many areas for surfing within the atolls, the Male Atoll offers the greatest convenience for surfers as it is located close to the airport and can be reached with the help of boat transfers. The best time for enjoying this activity in Maldives is from the month of April until October.

  1. Windsurfing


Many resorts offer tourists the chance to enjoy windsurfing from their water sports facility. If you’re new to this activity, you can learn it by taking a full course offered at such places for beginners and hiring a board for an hour. You’re required to stay within the prescribed limits in order to facilitate monitoring by the instructor. You can try windsurfing at any time of the year, but the experienced windsurfers prefer the months between May and October owing to the strong monsoon winds.

  1. Catamaran Sailing

    Catamaran Sailing

Expert sailors can go for solo excursions on the blue waters of the Indian Ocean on mini catamarans. They have a total length of 5 metres and can be hired for individual exploration or with someone as an instructor from a water sports centre. Catamaran sailing can be an excellent way to go sailing around a lagoon and is also less strenuous when compared to windsurfing.

  1. Parasailing


Parasailing is quite a demanding water sport but is equally thrilling. This is the reason why several resorts in Maldives offer the required facilities for tourists to enjoy this sport. It is just like surfing while attached to a parachute. You’re harnessed to a canopy wing called parasail while being towed behind a boat. As the boat gains momentum, the wind causes the parasail to soar above the waves.

4 Places You Must Not Miss During Your Agadir Holidays

Located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Agadir is one of Morocco’s major cities. This city was completely rebuilt in the years following its complete devastation in the year 1960. It is well-known for its beach and the beachfront promenade, which is visited by plenty of tourists every year. Agadir enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year and has clear waters touching its sandy beach. Winters in this part of the world are quite pleasant with relatively warmer daytime temperatures, while summers are quite bearable with comfortable temperatures. While getting around in the city, there are a few attractions you must never miss:

  1. City Centre

This is the place from where the sightseeing tours must actually begin during your Agadir holidays. Agadir’s city centre has some fascinating architectural delights worth exploring. Among them is the Grand Mosque, which has a unique, modernist-style architecture. You can also visit the Agadir Memorial Museum, which was built as a memorial to the devastating earthquake that hit the city in 1960. It also has an intriguing collection of black and white photographs of the city dating back to the early 20th century. Another museum you can visit is the Amazigh Museum, which displays a fantastic ethnographic collection of Bert Flint, who was a Danish art historian.

Agadir Beach


This beach is a favourite among the residents as well as tourists of Agadir. Holidaymakers from various parts of Europe can be seen unwinding on this beach throughout the year, indulging in some exciting activities besides sunbathing. Winter is the best time to be on this beach, as the pleasant weather, blue skies, and warm sunshine create the right environs for you to relax. The recently-constructed marina has also transformed it into a sought-after spot for those who enjoy yachting. There are some excellent facilities offered on this beach for the visitors as well.

  1. Crocopark

If you’re ready to travel about 14 kilometres from Agadir towards the east, you can visit this fabulous wildlife reserve for Nile crocodiles. They were the endemic species of Morocco until the early 20th century but were wiped out by constant hunting. Dedicated to protecting these species of crocodiles, this park also has a wide range of flora. You can witness these crocodiles moving around freely in the environs of the park, which have been created to resemble their natural habitat. You can get some valuable information on this park and the crocodiles from the trained and experienced staff.

  1. Kasbah


When you visit this district, which is one of the oldest in Agadir, you’ll surely come across the high walls of a fortress that survived the earthquake of 1960. The fortress was built in the late 16th century by the second Sultan of Morocco from the Saadian dynasty, Abdallah al-Ghalib. As the Kasbah is located on a hill, the walk up to the fortress would be long and tiring under the sun. It is, therefore, recommended that you take a taxi in order to reach the desired spot and then walk back down after exploring the fortress. However, you’ll be rewarded with some awe-inspiring views of the city once you get to the Kasbah.

4 Attractions You Must Never Miss While Holidaying in Dubai



Dubai has become one of the most sought-after holiday hotspots in recent times. This city in the United Arab Emirates is globally renowned in recent times for its towering high-rises and ultra-modern shopping malls. What was once a desert outpost has now become a destination worth exploring for the global tourists. You can shop for the world-famous brands in its malls and get some excellent bargains in the process. This Emirati city is also famous for its indoor ski slopes, giant aquariums, and magnificent theme parks. All of its offerings in entertainment, history, and culture would surely make your time in this part of the world unforgettable.

  1. Burj Khalifa


It is obvious that your all inclusive Dubai holidays would be incomplete without a visit to this iconic building. Currently the world’s tallest building, this towering skyscraper has a height of more than 829 metres and gives you the chance to enjoy awe-inspiring views of the city and its surroundings from the building’s observation deck. Located on the 124th floor, the observation deck gives its visitors some memorable experiences. Among them is a multimedia presentation on the city and Burj Khalifa. You can also enjoy some amazing views of the city by visiting the observation deck after sunset when the city is lit up by fantastic illuminations.

  1. Jumeirah Mosque


This elegant mosque was opened in the year 1979 and instantly became popular for its attractive appearance. It has been built using the traditional Fatimid style of architecture. The mosque was a gift from the former ruler of the city, late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum and father of the current ruler, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Non-Muslims can benefit immensely from the tours organised by the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. These tours have been designed to give the mosque’s visitors a better understanding of the Muslim faith.

  1. Dubai Mall


You can have some fabulous shopping experiences at the Dubai Mall, which is the world’s second largest mall in terms of total area. It was opened in the year 2008 and has more than a thousand shops. The mall attracts over 50 million visitors annually and has some exciting indoor attractions for its visitors. One of them is the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. It was designed by the Australia-based architecture firm called Peddle Thorp and is managed by Emaar Entertainment. Other attractions in this mall include the VR Park Dubai, Reel Cinemas, and KidZania.

  1. Bastakia


Also known as the Al-Fahidi neighbourhood, Bastakia’s origins date back to the 19th century when the Persian merchants dealing in pearls and textiles had settled in this region owing to its strategic location and tax-free trading. It covers the eastern part of Bur Dubai and comprises old buildings built of coral and limestone. Many of these buildings have wind-towers at the top, which were an early form of air-conditioning. This old neighbourhood is a reminder of a bygone era of the city when life moved at a much slower pace.