Witness Some Marvellous Places with Cheap Holidays to Dubai


Dubai is a city that shows you all its greatest accomplishments with tall skyscrapers and modern transportation systems. However, if you explore the city further, you’ll also come across certain places that are relatively less popular but have some unique experiences in store for their visitors. Some of these places are located outside the city limits but can be reached easily from the place of your stay. Such places are also the ideal spots to indulge in some fantastic adventures, which would make your time spent in this city a memorable experience.

Among the most fascinating places you’ll get to explore during your Dubai holidays is the Dubai Creek, which is the heart of this Emirati city. The Bani Yas tribe had made this place their home many centuries ago and was the hub for fishing and pearl diving activities. In recent times, the entire area has become a place of great importance, especially for the history buffs who wish to know more about the region’s past. You can explore the Dubai Museum and the traditional markets located in this part of the city, called ‘souks’. Don’t forget to take a ride in one of the traditional boats or ‘abras’.

Your trip to an outdoor complex of wonderful public facilities, cafes, restaurants, and shops called ‘The Beach’ would give you the chance to indulge in a variety of experiences, such as watching a movie, shopping, dining, and visiting the beach area. If you’re holidaying in this city with your entire family, including children, you can visit this place during the weekend to have loads of fun in a popular waterpark. The kids would be entertained by the variety of offerings in the water park. The Beach is also a venue in great demand during the weekends owing to the guest DJs who play some amazing numbers and the visitors sway to their tunes.

Extending from the Dubai Creek to the Arabian Gulf is the 3.2-kilometre waterway called the Dubai Water Canal. It opened in 2016 and since then, it has been welcoming visitors with some amazing developments, such as a 12-kilometre cycling path and an 80,000-square-metre public space. This can be one of the places you can explore if you wish to enjoy cheap holidays to Dubai. Today, this canal attracts a large number of tourists with its five pedestrian bridges. You’ll also come across the Habtoor City development near this canal, which houses several five-star hotels and restaurants.

One of the places you must not miss while holidaying in this city is Dubai Opera, which is located in the new Opera District. The rear portion of the building is home to car parking spaces, taxi rank, and a foyer. The stage area has been designed to facilitate its conversion into three different platforms. Many individuals who visit this opera have often compared it with the West End of London and the Broadway of Manhattan, considering its exciting schedule. It is quite close to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain. The building of Dubai Opera was inspired by the shape of ‘dhow’ ships that sail in the Arabian region.

4 Thrilling Activities You Can Enjoy During Dubai Holidays

Besides exploring all the world-famous attractions like Burj Khalifa, Palm Islands, and the Dubai Mall, you’ll have plenty of other things to do in Dubai during your holiday spent in this glamorous city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This fascinating city has undergone an amazing transformation over the past few decades and is now one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the world. It is also well-known as the business hub of the Middle East region. Every year, millions of business and leisure travellers arrive in this city from different corners of the globe.

While enjoying your Dubai holidays, you’ll get to experience some thrilling activities that would make your time spent in the city worth cherishing. Here are a few of them:

  1. Desert Safaridesert safari

Among the things that come into the minds of many travellers with the mention of Dubai is a desert. Although the city has completely transformed itself into an ultra-modern metropolis today, it has not forgotten its origins. It still has retained its desert and the magnificent golden dunes are the places where you can enjoy some thrilling activities by embarking on a desert safari. Some of the popular activities that are offered by the tour operators arranging desert safaris are sand-boarding, dune-bashing, and camel rides.

  1. Skydivingskydiving

There are very few things that would give you the kind of thrills as jumping off a plane from a height of nearly 4,000 metres above the ground. You can experience this highly adventurous activity with skydiving. Many of the tourists who visit this city often include this activity in their bucket-list. If you’re experienced enough, you can go for a solo dive. Beginners would be helped by an experienced instructor, who would jump off the plane with them and float in the air over the Palm Islands or any of the other attractive places in the city.

  1. Mountain Bikingmountain biking

Over the years, this activity has grown in popularity among the adventure-seekers visiting the city. If you wish to indulge in this exciting activity, you can head straight to the Hajar Mountains on your ATB or all-terrain bike, leaving the city behind. Upon reaching the mountains, you’ll be greeted by an adventurous terrain, where you can test your skills with the presence of multiple levels of difficulty. For enjoying this adventure, all you have to do is rent a bike from any of the operators providing bike-rentals in the city and go on a ride towards the rugged terrain of Hajar Mountains.

  1. Hot Air Ballooninghot baloon

You’ll be delighted to witness the awe-inspiring sights of the desert from greater heights by taking a hot-air balloon ride. This activity has grown in popularity among many tourists in recent times. The calm winds and unobstructed spaces make for ideal conditions for this outdoor adventure. The views that you would get to savour from above would give you some memorable moments of your holiday in the city. The tour operators arranging such rides would have several packages available with them. Some of the packages include a premium hot-air balloon ride with breakfast, falcon show, and desert safari included.