4 Historic Attractions Worth Visiting in and Around Antalya

The largest Turkish city located on the coast of the Mediterranean, Antalya is the biggest international sea resort of Turkey and is explored by millions of tourists every year coming from distant countries. Attalos II, the King of Pergamon had laid the foundations of this city in the 2nd century BC. It was a major city during the times when the region was under the rule of the Byzantine Empire. It came under the rule of the Seljuk Turks in the early 13th century and was later conquered by the Ottoman rulers. It became a part of Turkey after the Turkish War of Independence. During your holiday, you’ll get to visit some excellent historic attractions in and around the coastal city:

  1. Hadrian’s Gate

    Hadrian's Gate

It is an ancient arch, which separates the old town of Kaleici from the city of Antalya. During your Antalya holidays, you’ll get to visit this monumental gateway, which was built to celebrate the visit of the Roman Emperor, Hadrian, to this city in the year 130. It has inscriptions mentioning Hadrian and Theseus as the two founders. Pentelic marble, which was used for building several prominent structures in the city of Athens, was used in the construction of this arch. The deep marks in the stone pavement stand testimony to the fact that thousands of carts had passed through this gate in the past.

  1. Side


Located at a distance of 4 kilometres along the road separating from the Antalya-Alanya highway is the resort town of Side, which was an ancient Greek city. It was founded by the Greek settlers in the 7th century BC. The city was also under the rule of Alexander the Great during the 3rd century BC. Your visit to this town would give you the opportunity to explore several attractions, such as the Side Museum, Aspendos Bridge, and a Greek amphitheatre. The Greek, Roman, and Byzantine ruins found all over the town would also give you some interesting insights into its rich history.

  1. Perge


Also located close to Antalya is the ancient city of Perge, which was once the capital of a Roman province called Pamphylia Secunda. It is home to some well-preserved ancient ruins dating back to the period when the entire area was under the Roman Empire’s rule. Upon entering from a Roman gate’s arch, you’ll get to witness a Hellenistic Gate as well as the remains of a city wall. The Romans had arrived in the city in 188 BC. While exploring Perge, you’ll also get to explore an ancient theatre, bath, and gymnasium.

  1. Myra


Once the capital of a geopolitical region called Lycia, Myra is a beautiful town that can be reached while exploring the Antalya province. The tourist attractions you’ll get to visit while in this town are the rock-cut tombs, an amphitheatre, and the church of St Nicholas. The Greco-Roman theatre is believed to have been the largest in Lycia with many rows of seats, a grand facade with theatrical masks, and corridors with double vaults. Visitors can explore the ruins during the visiting hours, which begin at 9 in the morning and end at 7 in the evening.

How to Make Your Antalya Holidays Worth Cherishing


Antalya is one of Turkey’s largest cities and is located on the southwest coast of the Anatolia region. It is also one of the biggest resort cities of the country on the Turkish Riviera and is visited by millions of tourists every year. The history of this city goes back to 2nd century BC when the region was ruled by the Attalid dynasty. Later the Romans established their rule over this part of the world and constructed some of the significant monuments, such as the Hadrian’s Gate. In the years that followed, it went to different rulers until it finally came under the rule of Turkey.

You can enjoy cheap holidays to Antalya if you visit this charming Turkish city during the period between September and mid-December. This is the time when most of the tourists leave the city and the hotels would be willing to offer some attractive deals on accommodations. From the month of January to March, the winter season makes its presence felt in this part of Turkey with moderate to heavy rainfall. The rains can hamper your plans of sightseeing or any of the other outdoor activities, and therefore, it is advisable not to visit during winters. Many of the travellers also avoid visiting during summers as the hot weather becomes unbearable for many.

There are some fascinating attractions you can explore during your cheap holidays to Antalya. Among them is Kaleici or the Old Town, which has many restored old mansions built during the Ottoman era. If you wish to delve into the history of Turkey, a visit to the Antalya Museum is highly recommended. It has many exhibits, including the ones discovered from the excavation sites of Turkey’s coastal region. Yivli Minare or the fluted minaret is one of the famous landmarks of Antalya and must not be missed during your holiday spent in the city.

During your Antalya holidays, you can also indulge in some thrilling activities outdoors. One of them is zip-lining, which can be enjoyed while on a visit to the Koprulu Canyon. A visit to this canyon would also give you the opportunity to try white water rafting, which can be arranged by any of the local tour operators. The quad biking tours allow you to leave the city and head to the desert areas where plenty of fun and adventures await you. Jeep safari is yet another adventurous activity you can enjoy while holidaying in Antalya.

Some of the delicious dishes of the city would truly pamper your taste buds. For a sumptuous meal in the morning, you can try the traditional breakfast of Turkey. It includes feta cheese, hard-boiled eggs, bread, bacon, sausage, salami, and a small glass of black tea. Another delectable treat you’ll get to savour in this Turkish city is the kebab. The kebabs are prepared using lamb, beef, or mutton in ovens that use wood as the burning material. There are many varieties of kebabs, such as the Doner Kebab and Adana Kebab, which you’ll get to choose in the city’s restaurants.

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Be In Fascinating Places with Antalya Holidays

Antalya, a fascinating Turkish city on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, is well-known among many of the tourists for its rich natural beauty and an intriguing ancient history. It was founded by Attalus II, a Greek king, more than 2000 years ago. Millions of tourists arrive here from different parts of the globe to explore some charming beaches and the beauty of the Taurus Mountains situated on its borders. While you’re in this wonderful Turkish city, you’ll get to enjoy its fabulous attractions during your sightseeing trips. Among the popular places visited by tourists are the city’s mountainous regions and waterfalls.


The tourism industry in this part of the world received a big boost when the prestigious Blue Flag status was awarded to its 200 beaches, 5 marinas, and 5 yachts. Kemer, Gazipasa, Aksu, and Alanya are some of the beaches in the city that have received this status. Your cheap holidays to Antalya can be made truly memorable with a visit to any of these fantastic beaches. It would be a great feeling to unwind on any of them and experience the soothing touch of the sun’s rays. You can also get to the Antalya Aquarium to witness the biggest tunnel aquarium in the world. One of the key highlights of this place is the Fear Trophy, where you can watch the most colourful as well as poisonous reptiles in action.

Your Antalya holidays would also give you the chance to get to the Serik town, which houses the Ucansu Waterfall. Not many tourists visit this attraction, which is an exciting place to enjoy trekking and plunge into the cold waters of the waterfall. The Alara stream, located in the town of Koprulu also turns into a waterfall after finding its way out from the foot of the mountains. The Kursunlu Waterfall is yet another thrilling waterfall worth exploring during your time spent in the Turkish city. Set amidst a pine forest, it is quite close to the Antalya-Mersin road and offers pleasant surroundings for its visitors to enjoy a walk and observe the plants and animals.

In the mountains to the north-eastern part of Antalya, you’ll find the Koprulu Canyon National Park. It was declared a national park in 1973 and houses diverse varieties of flora and fauna. During your Antalya holidays, you can visit this park to explore its enchanting natural surroundings and an interesting wildlife. The Selge Antique City and the Bozburun Mountain is also a part of this national park. A few archaeological sites located in this part of Antalya can be worth visiting if you’re a history buff.

When you’re in Antalya during any of the international events held in the city, you can get the chance to be a part of them. One of these events is the Antalya Film Festival, which has become one of the leading film festivals of the world today. You can also watch some sporting events like golf, football, beach volleyball and sailing while holidaying in the city. The most exciting events are held in Antalya during the summer season. If you’re in the city around this time of the year, you can have loads of fun in these events.