Witness Great Airport Attractions with Flights to Singapore


If you are at the Changi Airport due to a layover or if your next flight has been delayed for a couple of hours, there can be many ways to spend your time at the airport without getting bored. This is one of the best airports in the world today and there are many aspects to it other than great buildings and excellent food. You’ll also be delighted to explore its brand new terminal named ‘Jewel’, which has a wide range of options in shopping and attractions that include the largest indoor waterfall in the world. What would impress you most about this terminal is that it houses nature, retail therapy, and fun under one roof.

At the Changi Experience Studio, you can have a great time with a range of interactive games. If you’ve arrived at the airport in any of the flights to Singapore with your entire family, including children, your kids would get to race virtually with a Boeing 747 or move their arms and play musical instruments. These games have managed to attract the young as well as old over a period of time. Even in the midst of a fast-paced environment, there are many passengers who take their time to appreciate the art installations at various places of the airport.

The works of art installed at the airport range from attractive wall murals to awe-inspiring ceiling pieces. It is almost impossible to stop yourself from gazing at these captivating art installations as you pass through them. Among the most popular ones is ‘Kinetic Rain’, which is made up of over a thousand droplets of bronze that create some abstract patterns and shapes during their movements. This kinetic art installation is located at the departure hall of Terminal 1 of the airport. Another impressive kinetic art titled ‘A Million Times at Changi’ is located at Terminal 2, which comprises more than 500 clock faces.

You can also indulge in some fun and adventure with your kids with the giant slide of this airport. All you have to do is head towards Terminal 3 along with your kids during your time spent at the airport after arriving in any of the flights to Singapore. This slide is currently the tallest in the world in an airport, and it costs just a small amount to descend down the tunnel. If you wish to relax for a while inside a cabin, you can book your slot at YotelAir. This hotel located at the airport accommodates guests for a minimum of four hours in its stylishly designed cabins.

Nature lovers can also have a great time at Changi Airport as it has five different gardens housed in terminals 1, 2, and 3. Located in Terminal 1 is the Cactus Garden, which is a rooftop garden with more than a hundred species of cacti and succulents. While exploring Terminal 2, you can make your day cheerful with a visit to the Sunflower Garden and watching hundreds of sunflowers in full bloom. Don’t forget to explore an excellent collection of bright orchids in the Orchid Garden located in the same terminal. The Butterfly Garden located in Terminal 3 has more than a thousand butterflies fluttering around in the midst of lush greenery and a grand waterfall.


Experience the Best Airport Facilities with Flights to Dubai

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Dubai airport is one of the busiest airports in the world with some excellent modern facilities provided for passengers who are arriving in and departing from the airport. If you’re someone who has a long layover or planning an overnight sleepover at the airport, you’ll certainly benefit from the elegant lounges, 24-hour dining, and many other options made available for the passengers. You can also choose to spend your time at the airport relaxing in the reclining-style chairs that have been provided in the Rest Zones located around the airport.

After your arrival at the airport in any of the flights to Dubai, you can stay connected to your friends, family, or colleagues with the help of free and unlimited high-speed wireless internet across all areas of the airport. All you have to do is select the appropriate setting on your mobile, tablet, or laptop to connect to the airport’s high-speed Wi-Fi. It is quite obvious that any major airport that provides connectivity to all the leading destinations of the world would have currency exchange facilities. Dubai International Airport has such exchange bureaus across all terminals to help passengers get the right currency for the destination they are heading to.

If you have your baby travelling with you, there are dedicated baby care rooms at the airport with all the required privacy to help you take care of your little one. To find the closest baby care room, you can head to one of the Information Zones to have complete assistance provided by the staff. You might want to check out all the impressive things at the airport and wouldn’t want to carry your baggage everywhere. This can be taken care of with the baggage storage facility offered at Terminals 1 and 3. You have to pay a nominal amount depending on the size of your luggage and the duration.

Muslim travellers would be extremely delighted to have prayer and ablution rooms located throughout the airport and car park areas. These rooms help them to perform their ablutions and offer their prayers with all the necessary facilities offered in them. If you’re craving for a smoke while at the airport after your arrival in one of the flights to Dubai, you need not be worried that smoking in public areas is not allowed. You can get to one of the smoking lounges by following the signs. These smoking lounges have been provided in all the terminals and are well-ventilated.

You can feel fatigued after long hours of flight and would feel the need to rejuvenate yourself before catching your next flight. This is made easy with the complimentary shower facilities located between the B13 and B19 gates of Terminal 3. Passengers with special needs and limited mobility can avail the facilities and services provided for this purpose by informing their airline in advance. If you or any of your loved ones travelling with you have fallen sick at the airport, there is no need to worry, as the airport is well-equipped with excellent response teams and medical facilities.

Get to Famous Attractions with Cheap Flights to Bangkok

The Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport has plenty of options that give air travellers the chance to make the most of their layover time. This airport has become one of the most popular ones in Asia with some world-class facilities offered for passengers who move in and out of the airport every day. A layover of less than five hours can be made memorable at the airport with a range of activities to indulge in. They include the traditional Thai massage therapies offered in a spa located at the airport. However, if the layover is for a longer period, you can get out of the airport and explore all the famous attractions nearby.

Upon arriving in one of the cheap flights to Bangkok, your layover can be made exciting with the transit tours that range from 4 to 12 hours. They are offered at the tour desk of the airport. Although the tour rates may vary depending on the type of tour you’re booking or the duration of the entire trip, they would certainly give you some truly unforgettable experiences. You’ll feel delighted to escape the hustle-bustle of the airport and discover the most wonderful attractions located close to the airport.

One of the places worth exploring is Khao San Road, which was formerly a rice market. In recent times, it has developed into one of the best markets for backpackers. A visit to this market would give you endless opportunities to get the best bargains on a variety of items, such as paintings, handicrafts, pirated CDs and DVDs. If you’re visiting Khao San Road in the evening, you’ll find most of the street transformed into an array of pubs and bars filled with tourists. You can also taste the delectable local dishes at one of the food stalls.

Another great place to explore after your arrival at Suvarnabhumi Airport in one of the cheap flights to Bangkok is the Grand Palace, which is among the most recognised landmarks in the city. It was originally built in the late 18th century and was home to the Thai Royal Family, the Thai War Ministry, the seat of the administrative government, and the mint of the country. You can also see the Emerald Buddha while getting around in the palace complex. One of the important things to note is that skirts, shorts, sandals, and clothes that expose shoulders are strictly forbidden while visiting the palace complex.

Your sightseeing trip in this part of Thailand won’t be considered complete without a visit to Wat Pho, which has been accorded the highest grade among the first-class royal temples and is home to the famous statue of the reclining Buddha. This temple also houses the school of Thai medicine and is the place where the Traditional Thai Massage originated. This form of massage is still practised and taught in the temple. It is recommended that you set aside a minimum of an hour to explore Wat Pho. You would also benefit from one of the guided tours that are offered for the visitors of this temple at a reasonable price.

Discover Fabulous Artworks with Flights to Singapore


One of the world’s busiest airports, the Changi Airport is among the largest hubs for air transportation in Asia. It has some excellent facilities provided for the passengers who arrive at the airport and depart from it. The elegant airline lounges located at the four terminals are the best examples. They offer passengers quiet places to relax or catch up with their friends, family, or colleagues using the high-speed wireless internet. Besides the lounges, there are baby care rooms, baggage storage, and car rentals.

After your arrival at this airport in one of the flights to Singapore, among the delightful features that you’ll find the most impressive are the art installations and displays that have been placed in the public spaces of the terminals. One of them is Kinetic Rain, which has been constructed using more than a thousand droplets of bronze. This sculpture is located in Terminal 1 of the airport and has become one of the favourites of passengers over a period of time. The choreography of these droplets is controlled with the help of high-precision motors. This sculpture was created with the help of technologists, artists, and programmers who did some detailed analysis before creating it.

You’ll be amazed by a flower-shaped propeller called Daisy, which stands tall at 13 metres at Terminal 3 of the airport. It was created by Christian Moeller, inspired by the journeys and connections that this airport and the Port of Singapore facilitate. This propeller has been painted in the national colours of Singapore and represents the flora of this country. The propeller is powered by inbuilt sensors that cause it to move in response to the movements that the passengers in its immediate environment make.

The fabulous kinetic sculpture and functioning clock called ‘A Million Times at Changi’ is located at Terminal 2 of the airport. It was developed by ‘Humans Since 1982’, an artist collective based in Stockholm. It is a visual representation of the concept of time and the hands of the clock move with the help of mechanical spinning and synchronised patterns and designs. These movements are made with the help of over a thousand stepper motors. It is 3.4 metres tall and 7.5 metres wide, making it one of the world’s biggest kinetic artworks. It offers some delightful moments to the passengers by reinventing the presentation of time. After your arrival at this airport in one of the flights to Singapore, this art installation would be worth a few snaps.

While exploring Terminal 4 of Changi Airport, it would be impossible to miss the Petalclouds. It is the centrepiece of the terminal and comprises 6 structures suspended about 200 metres across the Central Galleria. The movements of this awe-inspiring kinetic sculpture are synchronised with the help of animated music and lighting, which creates a wonderful combination of rhythms, art, and science. You can experience the magic of this charming art installation from the Arrival Hall, Departure Check-in Hall, and Departure Transit Hall at the terminal. Watching the Petalclouds would be one of your most memorable experiences at the airport.dreamstime_xl_55227276dreamstime_xl_55227276

Get to Magnificent Malls with Savings from Flights to Dubai

When you think about all the fantastic destinations that would give you some memorable shopping experiences, Dubai would surely come to your mind. Besides all those awe-inspiring structures that have been built across the city over the years, there are many elegant malls in the city that are home to several retail outlets from the world’s leading brands. Besides all those stylish shops, you’ll also come across some great indoor theme parks and amazing cultural attractions. Your days spent in this glamorous Emirati city would be worthwhile with a visit to some of its popular malls.

Among them is undoubtedly The Dubai Mall. The savings made while booking one of the cost-effective flights to Dubai would surely be useful during your visit to this magnificent mall. It is one of the largest malls in the world and offers something for every visitor. If you’re in the city with your entire family, including children, everyone would have loads of fun exploring its greatest offerings in indoor entertainment. They include the Dubai Aquarium, an Olympic-sized rink for ice-skating, and an Underwater Zoo. There are more than a thousand retail outlets in this mall, including the ones of leading brands like Zara and Topshop.

Upon visiting City Walk, you’ll find an excellent mix of Middle Eastern architecture and the street-shopping experiences of Europe. This new outdoor shopping venue is located between Jumeirah Beach and the Downtown area. It also offers some fantastic views of the Burj Khalifa. You’ll surely have some unforgettable shopping experiences at this venue with its London-style streets and open squares. They are full of some stylish fashion boutiques and an impressive range of choices in entertainment. You can also pamper your taste-buds with some great Michelin-starred dining experiences.

The amount saved while booking one of the affordable flights to Dubai can also be utilised during your visit to the Dubai Festival City Mall. It is located on the banks of Dubai Creek and houses more than 400 retail outlets. They include the large department store of IKEA and the supermarket of HyperPanda. After shopping for your favourite items, you can also take a stroll along the Canal Walk or get to one of the charming restaurants at the waterfront with a ride in one of the traditional boats called ‘abra’. The views that you’ll get to enjoy from the waterfront would surely give you some pleasant moments worth cherishing.

Located in the residential neighbourhood of Al Barsha is the Mall of the Emirates, which gives you amazing shopping experiences with some great entertainment. Mall of the Emirates is also home to a famous dumpling house called Din Tai Fung and Common Grounds, an elegant hipster cafe. If you’ve got kids accompanying you on your holiday in the city, they’ll have a wonderful time at an indoor entertainment centre for children called Magic Planet. Ski Dubai is another great place to have loads of fun during your visit to this mall. This spacious mall also houses an Apple store, VOX Cinemas, and the gorgeous Fashion Dome.dreamstime_xl_51444879

Your Holidays to Langkawi Take You to Charming Places



Langkawi is an enchanting island destination in Malaysia, which has some beautiful natural surroundings that give you unforgettable experiences during your holiday. Made up of more than a hundred islands, it is a district located in the Andaman Sea and is a part of the Kedah state. While holidaying in this part of Malaysia, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches, shopping malls, flora, and fauna. The beautiful paddy fields and greenery of the countryside would also give you some truly delightful moments. Besides, you’ll also get the chance to indulge in exciting outdoor activities.

You’ll have to book your holidays to Langkawi well in advance if you’re planning to visit the Malaysian island destination during the period between late-October and April. This time of the year is characterised by dry and pleasant weather. However, it also attracts many of the international and domestic tourists, making the hotel accommodations relatively expensive. You can book cheaper hotel stays if you plan your holidays for the period between April and August. The hotels would be willing to give some attractive discounts on accommodations as not many tourists visit during this time owing to rains and possibilities of thunderstorms.

The wet season from September to October would be the best time to enjoy cheap holidays to Langkawi as it is avoided by most of the tourists. You can still visit the popular places and try some outdoor activities as it doesn’t rain throughout the day and you can also get some sunshine. As the tourist crowds are far less in this season, you’ll be given exciting deals on accommodations by the hotels. While in Langkawi, you can visit the most popular attractions in the island destination. Among them is the Langkawi Sky Bridge. It links the Langkawi Cable Car station to a nearby mountain and you can enjoy a pleasant walk on this curved suspension bridge.

Another exciting place you can get to during your holidays to Langkawi is the Underwater World Langkawi. It is home to diverse species of sea creatures and gives you awe-inspiring views of green turtles, stingrays, and sharks from its 15-metre underwater tunnel. Upon visiting the Eagle Square located in the Kuan Town, you’ll get to witness a 12-metre-high sculpture of an eagle. Scuba diving is one of the adventurous activities you can enjoy in the sea that surrounds the islands. It allows you to witness the marine life with some close encounters. Island-hopping is another activity you can indulge in during your time spent in this part of the world.

Malaysia has a lot to offer for the food lovers and Langkawi is no different. It has some delicious varieties of the local cuisine served in its restaurants and eateries. One of these mouth-watering treats is Nasi Lemak, which has coconut-flavoured rice as its main ingredient and is accompanied by hard-boiled egg, shrimp sauce, and fried peanuts. Another delectable dish you can savour is the Ayam Masak Merah. You can also pamper your taste buds with Beef Rendang, which is made using cubes of beef cooked with a variety of spices.

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Cheap Holidays to Bali Take You to Fantastic Places



The main tourist destination of Indonesia, Bali is often referred to as the ‘Island of Gods’ owing to the presence of many ancient temples. However, the Hindu temples are not the only attractions on this Indonesian island. While getting around in this enchanting tourist destination, you’ll come across magnificent volcanic mountains, terraced rice fields, and beautiful beaches. This island is also known for its rich cultural heritage, which is made apparent in its variety of arts, crafts, and traditions. Along with an exciting nightlife, you’ll also get the chance to witness some colourful ceremonies and dramatic dance forms.

One of the most fascinating attractions you can visit during your cheap holidays to Bali is Mount Batur. This volcanic mountain is explored by plenty of adventure enthusiasts who embark on a trekking expedition to its summit before dawn. It is situated in the Kintamani area in the central highlands of Bali and can be reached from the town of Ubud. A hike to the summit of this mountain to watch the rising sun is always on the must-do list of the tourists visiting the island. The well-marked trails make hiking on this mountain quite easy. Guided treks can be booked with any of the local tour operators in the area.

Yet another fantastic place worth exploring with your cheap holidays to Bali is the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. It is among the top attractions in the town of Ubud. The photographers and wildlife enthusiasts would be delighted to see the grey long-tailed macaques roaming around freely in the thick forests. You can make your way through the jungle of nutmeg and banyan trees with the help of paved pathways. In the midst of the dense foliage, you’ll find several ancient temples statues that are partially covered by moss. This monkey forest is a brilliant example of a harmonious co-existence between animals and human beings.

Your holidays to Bali would give you the opportunity to visit many temples located on the island, but one of the most iconic among them is Pura Tanah Lot. This temple is located at a distance of about 20 kilometres north-west of Kuta on a rocky islet. Of all the temples, this is considered to be the most sacred. It is visited by plenty of tourists as well as locals in the evening from places like Legian, Kuta, and Sanur. The lanes that lead to this temple are lined with sellers offering attractive souvenirs.

While enjoying your holidays in this Indonesian island, you can go shopping for designer clothes, swimwear, jewellery, and other items in an upscale beach resort area called Seminyak. You’ll find some stylish shops and market stalls in this part of Bali. The shopping malls located in Seminyak would also give you some fantastic shopping experiences, but if you’re looking for some great bargains, visit the flea markets near Seminyak Square. You’ll enjoy visiting the Kuta Beach, as it is one of the most popular beaches on the island. Besides unwinding on the golden sands of this beach, you can also indulge in some exciting activities like surfing.

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Dubai Holidays Take You to Some Scenic Spots



Exploring Dubai’s beautiful beaches is always a pleasure. They not only give you the chance to take a stroll on the golden sands but also allow you to visit the fabulous restaurants, elegant beach clubs, and surfer cafes located close to the sandy stretches. You can get to the seaside hotspots of the city by taking a ride down the Jumeirah Road. In recent times, this Emirati city has undergone unbelievable changes and they’ve contributed immensely in making the city popular globally. The beaches have also got some facelift as a result.

You can get the hints by knowing about the amazing transformation of Jumeirah Beach from being a sleepy little beach area to a long stretch of boardwalk, well complemented with ocean-facing hotels and restaurants. While enjoying your holidays to Dubai, you can get to the Bluewaters Island to witness the construction of Ain Dubai, the largest Ferris wheel in the world. It is expected to begin operations in 2019. AED 1 billion has gone into building this Ferris wheel, which is expected to reach the height of 260 metres and accommodate 1,400 passengers during its rotation. Just a short distance away from the location is the largest man-made island in the world, known as ‘The Palm Jumeirah’.

Made in a palm frond’s shape, this island gives you the opportunity to take a stroll down the ocean-side path after parking your vehicle on the roadside. You can enjoy an elevated view of the island by taking the monorail. From the sandstone walls, you can savour the awe-inspiring views of skydivers diving back to earth and the small planes of Skydive Dubai floating over the Dubai Marina. During your Dubai holidays, don’t miss a trip to the Madinat Jumeirah resort. With a pass purchased from the reception, you can enjoy lounging under the sun or taking a yoga beach class in the evening at sunset.

Kite beach is yet another beautiful stretch of sands you can explore during your cheap Dubai holidays. It is known for scores of colourful kites that cover the skies on most of the weekends. You can also see the kite-surfers and para-sailors soaring above the surface of the sea. When you begin to feel a bit hungry, you can get delicious burgers and cheese fries from a burger truck stationed nearby. Travelling down the Jumeirah Road, you can reach the Jumeirah Public Beach to spend some pleasing moments on its wonderful sands that are set against the backdrop of swaying palm trees. You can also enjoy a sumptuous meal at the cafe located nearby.

The Jumeirah Mosque is also an attraction worth visiting, as it is one of Dubai’s most iconic landmarks. It has adopted the policy of ‘Open Doors. Open Minds’, which means you can visit this mosque and learn more about Islam and the Arabic culture no matter what faith you belong to. This mosque is large enough to accommodate more than a thousand worshippers. It has been built in accordance with the medieval Fatimid tradition using the white stone. You can learn more about the Islamic faith and the local culture with the help of guided tours that are conducted by the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding.

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Barbados Holidays Allow You to Explore Enchanting Places



A beautiful coral island with attractive white-sand beaches, Barbados gives you the right environs to unwind and enjoy a pleasant holiday. It is located in North America’s Caribbean region to the east of the island countries of Saint Lucia, the Grenadines and Saint Vincent. The first Europeans to visit this country were the Spanish, who arrived on the island in the late-15th century. It later became a British colony during the 17th century until it became an independent state and a Commonwealth realm in the 20th century. Today, Barbados is one of the leading tourist destinations in the Caribbean with many fabulous attractions that are worth exploring.


During your Barbados holidays, you would be delighted to visit the Carlisle Bay, which is situated on the edge of Bridgetown. It has crystal-clear, turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea touching the sandy beaches, which would certainly tempt you to have a swim. One of the best beaches in this part of Barbados is considered to be the Pebble Beach. However, the Bayshore Beach and Brownes Beach are also quite charming. While enjoying your time at the bay, you can go swimming or simply relax on any of the beaches under the warm rays of the sun.


Your cheap holidays to Barbados would also allow you to get around in the capital city of Bridgetown. It is home to many fabulous structures, including the Chamberlain Bridge and the Parliament Buildings. You can get some wonderful views of the waterway, the yachts docked along it, and the majestic buildings lined on the sides. Upon visiting the Queen’s Park, you can witness a 1,000-year-old baobab tree. If you have ample amount of time with you while in the capital city, you can take a stroll around Garrison Historic Area to witness many architectural delights like the Garrison Tunnels, George Washington House, and Barbados Museum.


Yet another fascinating place worth visiting during your cheap holidays to Barbados is the Animal Flower Cave, which provides some awe-inspiring views from its lookout. If you’re in this island country during the period between February and April, you’ll get the chance to see the humpback whales in action from the cliff located above the cave. The natural openings above the cave offer a window to the ocean and the pools created by the dashing waves form small ponds. Natural light is also provided by the openings, which removes total darkness that would otherwise prevent visitors from enjoying the views inside the cave.


Among the beaches you can’t afford to miss when you’re in Barbados is a beautiful sandy beach called Crane Beach. It is situated in a cove on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and has powdery white sands. This beach was once a place where boats arrived and the cargo was lifted by a crane stationed on the cliff. For the guests of the resort located on the cliff, access to the beach is provided by a set of stairs and a lift. Others can access the beach from its opposite end.


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How to Make Your Dubai Holidays Truly Memorable



Located on the Persian Gulf’s south-east coast, Dubai is a globally renowned city in the United Arab Emirates visited by numerous leisure tourists and business travellers annually. It is also the Dubai Emirate’s capital with its major revenues coming from tourism, trade, real estate, and a couple of other sectors. The city was an important port since the beginning of the 20th century and later became popular for its pearl exports. After the Great Depression, Dubai began building its infrastructure and witnessed major developments after the discovery of oil. In recent times, tourism has grown into one of the major sectors that drive its economy.


Undoubtedly, the Burj Khalifa dominates the city’s list of tourist attractions. Your cheap Dubai holidays can be made memorable with a visit to this massive building, which is also the world’s tallest. Its observation deck located on the 124th floor gives you a bird’s-eye view of the entire city and its surroundings. While at this particular spot, you can also benefit immensely from a multimedia presentation on the city as well as this building. Visits to the observation deck during the evenings are also available.


Another fabulous attraction worth visiting during your Dubai holidays is the Jumeirah Mosque. This mosque is considered by many as the most beautiful of all mosques in the Emirati city. It has been built in the Fatimid style and is one of the finest examples of Islamic architecture. The minarets of this mosque are adorned with brilliant stonework, which look particularly attractive when the floodlights come alive after the sunset. You can explore this mosque and learn more about the Islamic faith with the help of tours organised by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Cultural Understanding.


Your Dubai holidays would also give you ample opportunities to shop for your favourite brands at the Dubai Mall. It is currently the world’s second largest mall and has more than a thousand shops. The fact that it attracts over 50 million visitors every year won’t come as a surprise when you begin exploring this mall. You’ll find several amazing attractions at this mall, such as the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, a 22-screen cinema called Reel Cinemas, and Kidzania, an interactive children’s edutainment theme park. Besides the fantastic shopping and dining experiences, the mall also hosts special events like fashion shows and live music.


If you wish to unwind after a busy day of sightseeing, head to the Jumeirah Beach. It is a charming stretch of white sands with some excellent facilities like sun loungers and jet ski operators. There are many big residential properties, hotels, and resorts near this beach, the Burj Al Arab hotel being one of them. You’ll also find three districts adjacent to Jumeirah Beach, namely Umm Suqeim, Jumeirah, and Al Sufouh. An interesting attraction located at a short distance from the beach is Majlis Ghorfat Um Al-Sheef, the summer residence of late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed al-Maktoum built in the mid-20th century using coral block and gypsum.


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