Phuket Holidays Allow You to Witness Some Delightful Sights


Phuket is the largest island of Thailand and has achieved worldwide fame in recent times, attracting plenty of tourists annually as a result. While getting around on this island, you’ll come across some beautiful sandy beaches and places where you can unwind amidst serene natural surroundings. You’ll get to savour the most delicious Thai dishes while holidaying in this part of Thailand. With the presence of a pleasant climate, you’ll also find the daytime temperatures ideal for getting outdoors and indulging in some unforgettable experiences. Your winter holidays spent in this island destination would also give you the chance to explore its most prominent attractions.

The island’s longest beach is Patong Beach, where you’ll come across a considerable number of tourists enjoying their Phuket holidays. It has been largely affected by the development of infrastructure for tourism and lost much of its charm. However, it is a great place for watching the crowds and shopping for some souvenirs. Yet another beach worth visiting is Kata Beach, which is set against the backdrop of palms and casuarinas. The natural beauty of this beach is a great visual delight. Kata Beach is more peaceful than Patong Beach. It has less number of hawkers and some decent spots at both its ends to enjoy snorkelling.

Located within a short distance is Karon Beach, which has a long stretch of golden sands that extend to about 3.5 kilometres. Many couples and families head towards this beach during their winter holidays to enjoy a good swim in the sapphire waters that rush towards its shores. However, it is important to watch out for the weather before deciding to go swimming in these waters. You’ll find some excellent resorts and restaurants nearby. You can explore Phuket Town to visit some fascinating places. Among them is the Phuket Trickeye Museum, which has an interactive 3D art gallery. You’ll also get the chance to savour some local delicacies upon visiting the Sunday Walking Street Market.

Your winter holidays on this island would be a memorable affair if you choose to go on boat tours to the neighbouring islands. Some of the popular ones are Nakha Yai and Nakha Noi located on the east coast. The boat tours can be arranged by booking with any of the reliable local operators. One of the guided boat tours that often last for 9 hours would give you the opportunity to explore the Phang Nga Bay or the Phi Phi Islands.

During your tour of the Phi Phi Islands, you can get to the Maya Beach, which gained worldwide fame when it was featured in a Hollywood movie titled ‘The Beach’. The waters surrounding the island of Phuket would be ideal to go for a diving or snorkelling expedition. Owing to excellent visibility in these waters and the pleasant temperatures ranging from 26 to 30-Degree Celsius, you can witness some fantastic corals and tropical fish in them. There are some scuba diving schools nearby that conduct courses in this activity. You can also get a certificate upon completing such courses.


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