Maldives Holidays Help You Enjoy Memorable Experiences


Maldives is often seen as a serene holiday destination, where you would spend your days unwinding on pristine white-sand beaches. This island country is made up of over 1,000 islands, which gives you a wide range of choices when it comes to some spectacular attractions. When you arrive in this part of the world for your winter holidays, the very first thing that concerns them is whether they would be bored in this island destination after a day or two. You need not worry, as this island nation gives you plenty of outdoor activities worth indulging in.

One of the things you can enjoy doing during your Maldives holidays is snorkelling. One of the dive schools close to your resort would give you the required equipment, such as fins and mask. Some of the standard excursions would be arranged by the resort where you’ve booked your stay. During such snorkelling trips, you’ll be led to the house reef and any of the other reefs nearby. While snorkelling, you’ll also get to explore the many different varieties of fish and other marine beings besides the reefs. Most of the resorts in the country organise one or two snorkelling trips in a day.

Another interesting activity you can try while enjoying your winter holidays in Maldives is sunset fishing. You would be taken over a reef in one of the traditional boats used in this part of the world, called ‘dhoni’. All you have to do after getting to the reef is let down the hooked lines and you’ll have your catch of groupers, snappers, and other fish. You’ll also enjoy some dolphin-watching, but the tour operators or resort staff do not offer you guarantees of the sightings. However, the sightings are frequent and it would be quite thrilling if you manage to see the dolphins.

With more than a thousand islands in this destination, it is quite natural that island-hopping is one of the most popular activities enjoyed by tourists. This is often a combination of visits to resort islands, inhabited islands, and the uninhabited ones. You’ll either have your lunch packed for the trip or you’ll be given a treat of barbecued fish on one of the islands. Some of these tours include a guided trip around one of the inhabited islands, where you’ll get to interact with the local population and visit some places of interest. You can also shop for some souvenirs by visiting a local market.

If you’re holidaying in Maldives with your better-half, you would like to have special dinners arranged for both. Although you’ll be charged extra for getting one of these dining experiences arranged by the staff, it would give you some memorable moments together. You can either have such a dinner arranged on a secluded beach, amidst a separate setting in the main restaurant, or on one of the boats. Along with the dinner, the resort staff would get a personal chef for you and there can also be a choice of settings where the dinner would take place.


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