Indulge in Some Exciting Adventures While Holidaying in Bali



Bali is one of the Indonesian islands visited by millions of tourists every year. The mention of its name today reminds most of the tourists of its majestic ancient temples, beautiful beaches, and the unique Balinese traditions and customs. During your time spent in this part of the world, you’ll get to witness some enchanting natural surroundings as you go on your tours to the remote regions.

Upon booking several months in advance, you can get cheap flights to Bali and utilise the savings made while exploring some of the island’s popular attractions. You can also use the savings while indulging in some thrilling activities outdoors:

  1. Go trekking

If you wish to go on an adventurous trek, Mount Agung would be an excellent choice. However, you’ll have to take permission from the temple authorities before beginning your ascent. No one can go higher than the sacred temple according to the Balinese Hindu tradition, especially when religious ceremonies are held. You must also take the volcanic activity of the mountain into consideration before planning your trek. Another volcanic mountain you can consider for your trekking expedition is Mount Batur, which is located in Kintamani. You can also get such tours booked with any of the reliable local operators.

  1. Shop for gifts and souvenirs

The abundance of gift shops in several areas on the island gives you the chance to buy some attractive souvenirs or gifts for your loved ones back home. Besides the exquisitely handcrafted items, you can also shop for delicious snacks and beverages. You’ll be spoilt for choice upon visiting the souvenir market located in the Sukawati district. Many of the elegant hotels located near the beaches have their in-house shops and if you’re staying in one of them, you don’t have to get to the busy markets to buy attractive souvenirs.

  1. Take a quad biking tour

You can take an off-road trip by riding an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accompanied by an experienced guide. Such trips are suitable for individuals of varying skill levels and would allow them to savour the picturesque views of the bamboo forest, lush green rice fields, and traditional villages. The 2-hour trip would also take you through the muddy jungle tracks and rivers. You can stop on the way to take some excellent snaps, have a shower, and change before enjoying your lunch. Everything would be arranged by the tour operator and you’ll have some memorable moments of this tour to cherish after returning to your hotel room.

  1. Enjoy a white water rafting adventure

One of the best adventures you’ll get to indulge in while holidaying in Bali is a white water rafting tour, which takes you down the Ayung River. You’ll be in the company of an experienced rafting expert who would guide you through the challenging journey down the river and also give some valuable information on the flora and fauna of the region. During this adventurous tour, you’ll also get to witness some hidden waterfalls and take a dip in the refreshing natural pools. You can choose either a morning or an afternoon departure while booking the tour according to your convenience.


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