Holidays in Seychelles Give You Total Relaxation



A gorgeous island country in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles can be your perfect choice to break free from your hectic life and unwind on awe-inspiring beaches. The archipelagic nation has over a hundred islands that have beautiful white-sand beaches that are touched by blue waters of the ocean. It is also a great place for eco-tourism and exploring unique wildlife. Until the opening of an international airport and the development of tourism, plantations were a major source of income for Seychelles. However, tourism is now the primary industry and has received a considerable boost owing to upgraded hotels and foreign investment.

You’ll enjoy your holidays in Seychelles if you visit during the months of November, October, May, and April. These are the times when hotels in this part of the world are willing to offer great discounts on their room rates and there are lesser crowds of tourists. You can also indulge in your favourite outdoor activities in the presence of a pleasant weather. Seychelles experiences its peak tourist season from the month of June to September when the climate is cool and dry. The humidity levels and rainfall increases during the period between December and March, but the tourists still continue to arrive for their holidays, making it difficult to get cheaper accommodations.

While enjoying your cheap holidays to Seychelles, you’ll get to visit the popular attractions of this island country. Among them are the wonderful beaches, which give you the right environs to enjoy complete relaxation. The Anse Intendance Beach located in Mahe is a beautiful place to unwind under the warm rays of the sun and to take some excellent snaps. Another picturesque beach worth exploring is the Anse Lazio Beach, which is reached by climbing a hill. The mesmerising views, a long stretch of white sands, swaying green palms, and beautiful waters of the Indian Ocean that you witness after getting to this beach would be no less than a reward for the climb.

During your Seychelles holidays, you’ll also get to enjoy some thrilling activities outdoors. You’ll get to watch the giant tortoises moving around in their natural habitat with a day trip to the Curieuse Island. The shades provided by the Takamaka and Casuarina trees on the white-sand beaches of this island would be ideal for relaxation. Hiking can be enjoyed in the Morne Seychellois National Park. The trails of this park would give you some fascinating views of Danzil village and the spectacular tea plantations.

The holidays spent in this island nation would also allow you to savour the delicious dishes of the Creole cuisine. One of them is a salad prepared using boiled octopus or smoked fish combined with a mixture of fresh tomatoes, capsicum, and onions. Another delectable treat would be the Octopus curry, which is cooked with coconut milk, curry powder, and a variety of spices. Grilled fish is also a popular delicacy in this country. Grilled Rabbit Fish and Red Snapper are highly recommended for those who’d like to have spicy food, as they’re marinated with a paste made of chilli before grilling.

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