Grenada Holidays Allow You to Explore Fabulous Attractions



An island country comprising the main island and six smaller islands, Grenada is located in the Caribbean Sea. Owing to its large-scale cultivation of mace and nutmeg crops, it has been nicknamed as the ‘Island of Spice’. This island was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in the late-15th century when the Italian explorer made his 3rd voyage to the Americas. The first to settle in this island nation were the French, but it was later ceded to the British. Grenada became independent in the year 1974 and became one of the sought-after tourist destinations over the years.

The best time to spend your holidays in Grenada is during the month of December, as this is the shoulder season and you can expect the hotels to offer some attractive deals on accommodations. However, you’ll have to be prepared for the possibility of a storm and encountering a sizeable number of tourists. The period between January and April witnesses a heavy influx of tourists and it is advisable to book your holidays or hotel stays several months in advance if you want to visit during these months. You can get some unbelievable deals on hotel accommodations if you visit between the months of May and November as it is a low season. However, it is also the rainiest with the possibility of hurricanes.

During your Grenada holidays, you’ll get the opportunity to explore its popular attractions. One of them is Grand Anse Beach, which is a favourite of the cruise travellers and the most famous in this island destination. St George’s, the capital city, is also a wonderful place to be in while getting around in this archipelagic Caribbean country. If you’re an expert diver or snorkeler, you can witness the spectacular Underwater Sculpture Park. This is a unique gallery located underwater with numerous sculptures created by the renowned British sculptor, Jason deCaires Taylor.

While enjoying your holidays in Grenada, you can also indulge in some thrilling outdoor activities. With more than 30 dive sites to choose from in this part of the world, you’ll truly enjoy scuba diving in the waters that surround the islands. You can get to the Grand Etang National Park, where you can enjoy hiking the 7 Sisters Waterfalls. The pool created by the waterfalls is also excellent for enjoying a refreshing swim. With the kayaking tours, you can explore the islands from the sea and witness the mangroves, and different kinds of flora and fauna.

Your holiday in this island nation would allow you to try some of the delicious varieties of the local cuisine. One of them is Oil Down, the national dish of Grenada. It is a filling meal prepared using salted meat, fish, chicken or crayfish along with several vegetables like sweet potato, callaloo and green fig. Another savoury treat is the Cou Cou Pois, which is made using corn flour and vegetables cooked slowly until the entire mixture becomes smooth and stiff. If you love sweets, you can relish the Coconut Drops, Coconut Fudge, or the Nutmeg Fudge.

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