Marsa Alam Holidays Give You Some Unforgettable Experiences


marsa Alam

Marsa Alam has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Egypt in recent times. Located on the western shores of the Red Sea, it is a fascinating town that attracts many leisure tourists from different parts of the world. They arrive in this town mainly to enjoy complete relaxation on its beautiful beaches. However, there are several other offerings in and around the town that can be explored during your holidays spent in this part of Egypt. If you wish to see something unique while holidaying in this Egyptian town, you can delve into the blue waters surrounding it and witness a unique marine life in its depths.

You can enjoy cheap holidays to Marsa Alam during the period between April and October if you book your hotel stays or holiday packages well in advance. This is the time when the hotels would be willing to offer significant discounts on room rates and you’ll be able to reduce your travel costs to a great extent. However, the weather can be a bit uncomfortable with high temperatures and occasional rains. The best time to visit this town is from the month of November to March when there are lesser rains and the daytime temperatures are favourable for outdoor activities.

While enjoying your Marsa Alam holidays, you’ll get the chance to visit some interesting places in this Egyptian resort town. Among them is Mons Smaragdus, which has ruins from the cave structures and a temple built during the ancient times. It was one of the famous mining sites in the ancient world. Yet another intriguing site is Mons Claudianus. This site was an ancient granite quarry utilised for making columns and building blocks for various construction works that were carried out in Rome. You’ll also find the Temple of Seti I quite interesting. It can be visited for getting an overview of the Egyptian civilisation while travelling along the desert road.

During your Marsa Alam holidays, you’ll also get to indulge in some thrilling outdoor activities. With a snorkelling tour in Sataya, you can swim with the dolphins and know more about the aquatic beings underwater and their habitats. An all-inclusive overnight trip would get you the benefit of night stays, 3 meals a day, and drinks. Upon embarking on a quad-biking desert safari, you can get the right doses of fun and adventure for three hours between the mountains. This tour would also allow you to get a glimpse of the life of Bedouins in the region. A half-day scuba diving expedition would allow you to witness the fantastic underwater life in the waters surrounding this Egyptian resort town.

The restaurants of Marsa Alam offer all the popular international delicacies in addition to the traditional dishes that are usually enjoyed by the locals. Before the main course, you can relish the mouth-watering pizzas, tapas, and pasta. Once you’ve enjoyed the delicious treats offered at the beginning, you can have any of the main dishes, such as grilled vegetables, seafood, and rice. There are restaurants in Marsa Alam that also have some fabulous options if you are a vegetarian.

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