Singapore Holidays Allow You to Visit Popular Attractions




Singapore is now one of the top Asian tourist destinations, and among the global hubs for entertainment, education, finance, and technology. A major highlight of this nation is the way it has managed to retain its cultural diversity in the face of globalisation. The presence of Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures gives you the chance to have some diverse experiences with regards to arts, festivals, and food. Besides all the cultural experiences of this Asian island country, you’ll also get the chance to explore some of its popular attractions.

One of such attractions you can witness during your Singapore holidays is Gardens by the Bay. This nature park is spread across a vast area of 250 acres and comprises three waterfront gardens, such as Bay East Garden, Bay South Garden, and Bay Central Garden. The largest among them is the Bay South Garden which spans 130 acres. This enchanting nature park is visited by more than 20 million individuals every year. A major highlight of this park is the Supertree Grove, which is home to various futuristic structures. Another major attraction in this park is the Cloud Forest Dome that houses a 35-metre waterfall.

During your cheap holidays to Singapore, you can explore the elegant Marina Bay Sands complex. It includes Marina Bay Sands Skypark, ArtScience Museum, a luxury hotel, and a mall that has a canal running through it. You can enjoy panoramic views of the Singapore skyline, the double helix bridge, Gardens by the Bay, and the port from the Skypark. While enjoying your time at the top, you can also grab a coffee or a snack at the rooftop restaurant or shop for some souvenirs at the souvenir stand.

Your cheap holidays to Singapore would also give you the opportunity to visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens, which is the only tropical garden to have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was founded in the mid-19th century by a horticultural society and houses the largest collection of orchids. You’ll also be amazed by the fact that it is the world’s only botanic gardens that opens at 5:00 in the morning and remains open until 12:00 at midnight every day. More than 4 million tourists visit this botanic gardens every year to witness thousands of species of flora spread over an area of 82 hectares. A visit to the Singapore Zoo would make your day delightful, as it is considered to be the best rainforest zoo with well-maintained facilities.

You’ll notice that the animals housed in this zoo are well-treated by the staff and they have vast spaces to move around comfortably. Of the most impressive species among them are the orangutans. They can be seen feasting on the bananas and swinging from one place to another in the surroundings created for them. At least 3 hours are required to move around in the zoo and watch all its wild animals in action. Visitors to the zoo can also have a more personalised wildlife experience with the orangutans by taking the ‘Singapore Zoo Breakfast with the Orangutans’ tour.

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