Cheap Holidays to Barbados Take You to Interesting Places



Located in the North American Caribbean region, Barbados is an island country with the British monarch as its hereditary head of state. It is one of the leading tourist destinations in the region with about 40% of its tourists arriving from the US, the UK, and Canada. The capital and largest city of this island nation is Bridgetown, which was added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites in the year 2011. Barbados has achieved worldwide fame in recent times for its beautiful white-sand beaches, an exciting nightlife, and a welcoming population.

You can enjoy cheap Barbados holidays if you plan your visit during the period between July and November. This is the time when most of the tourists stay away from making a trip to this island nation. The reason is some rainy days and the rare possibility of storms. As this is a low season, the resorts and hotels would be willing to bring down their room rates by about 50%. The busiest season of this island destination is from December to April when plenty of tourists visit this part of the world. If you wish to visit the island during this time of the year, be prepared to pay exorbitant rates for accommodations in hotels or resorts.

It is also possible to get cheap holidays to Barbados in the months of May and June when the tourists begin to return to their home countries and the rates of accommodations and flight tickets begin to drop. While you’re in this island country, you can visit some truly charming places in Barbados. One of them is Bathsheba, a small village, which is well-known among many of the tourists for its Bathsheba Beach. Your visit to this beach would give you the chance to witness the large mushroom-shaped rock formations in the waters near the beach. This is also an excellent place to take some beautiful snaps.

A short distance away from this beach is the Andromeda Botanic Gardens, also a great place to visit while enjoying your cheap holidays to Barbados. You can get to see numerous tropical plants from different parts of the world in this garden. The location of the botanic gardens is quite a scenic one, as it overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. For enthusiastic bird-watchers, this would be a fantastic place to watch some attractive birds in action. You can witness over 200 species of tropical plants in Welchman Hall Gully, which also gives you the opportunity to watch some interesting species of monkeys in the ravine area.

Harrison’s Cave is yet another fascinating place worth visiting. It is a crystallised limestone cave, which has streams, deep pools, and waterfalls. Its magnificent stalactites, cascading waters, and stalagmites are illuminated by bright lights. Located near the cave is a visitor centre with fabulous displays of Arawak Indian artefacts. A nominal entrance fee would give you access to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, where you can find a variety of tropical birds and wild animals, such as tortoises, wild green monkeys, iguanas, and agoutis.

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