Dubai Holidays Can Give You Some Truly Memorable Experiences


A perfect mix of traditions and modernity, Dubai is the world-famous city of the United Arab Emirates and the capital of the Emirate of Dubai. It attracts plenty of tourists every year from different parts of the world with its globally renowned attractions and events. The city is often referred to as the ‘shopping capital of the Middle East’ owing to the presence of over 70 shopping centres and some traditional marketplaces called ‘souks’. During your holiday in this fantastic city, you’ll get the opportunity to visit the most awe-inspiring attractions and indulge in some exciting outdoor activities.

The best time to enjoy your Dubai holidays is during the period between November and March. During this time of the year, the city experiences its winter season with relatively pleasant daytime temperatures. If you’re planning your visit in this season, you’ll have to book your holiday package or hotel accommodation several months in advance as this is also the time when plenty of tourists flock to the city. From April to October, the summer season makes its presence felt in this city with extremely hot weather and high humidity levels. It is obvious that most of the tourists avoid visiting this city during summers. This allows you to enjoy some discounts on hotel stays.

Dubai’s iconic landmark and the most popular attraction is the Burj Khalifa. It is the world’s tallest building with a height of 829.8 metres. Your Dubai holidays would give you the chance to visit its observation deck located on the 124th floor and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the city’s skyline. If you wish to know how life was in this region during the late-19th century, head to the Bastakia quarter located in the eastern portion of Bur Dubai. Other interesting attractions worth visiting in the city are Jumeirah Mosque, the Dubai Mall, and the Jumeirah Beach.

You can utilise the amount saved while booking the Dubai flights to try some adventurous activities during your holiday. Among them is sea kayaking, which would allow you to explore the fascinating mangroves. The Hajar Mountains would be the right place to embark on a hiking adventure on some challenging routes. If you’ve been longing to have some thrilling underwater experiences, the wreck dives located a couple of kilometres offshore can take you to a wreck that now acts as an artificial coral reef. You can also enjoy desert camping by moving beyond the city’s limits to the Al Shuwaib area.

While exploring Dubai, you’ll also get to savour some mouth-watering treats in its restaurants. Among them is Al Machboos, which is prepared using rice, meat, onions, and some aromatic spices. You can also try Al Harees, one of the traditional foods of this city served during weddings, Ramadan, and other occasions. It takes several hours to make this dish using wheat, meat, and a pinch of salt. Chelo Kabab is another mouth-watering delicacy that you can enjoy while holidaying in Dubai. It consists of basmati rice served along with butter on the kebabs.

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